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Getting Rid of Pill Bugs

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Pill Bugs

These arthropods are also called sow bugs, wood louses and roly polies, and live on the ground in moist places. This guide is about getting rid of pill bugs.



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Question: Pill Bugs in Garden

In our garden, we have a huge infestation of pill bugs. In fact, it is so bad that if you stick a small shovel in and pull out a little bit of dirt, you uncover about 20 ants, 40 -50 pillbugs, and 1 or 2 worms. I know the worms are good, but I'm worried about the pill bugs. Does anyone have a cure? Oh, I've heard about how you could grind the pill bug bodies and mix with water to make an insecticide, is that true?

Please help.


Most Recent Answer

By Robby [2]10/01/2010

Sow bugs and pill bugs have infested my garden really bad. After a couple of days of rain I went into my garden today, picked up the battered leaves of my lady fern and shook it to get the rain off. There must have been at least 50 or 70 pill bugs of all sizes that fell off the leaves! They were just munching away! They eat everything, not just the dead plants and leaves. I have even found them eating leaves in a bush about five and a half feet off the ground. I have a watering system which gives my plants the water they need and the sow bugs and pill bugs thrive in my flower beds because they have the water they need.

I have tried almost everything to get rid of them. I go out on killing missions wearing gloves and mashing every bug I catch, I sprinkle salt, I have even resorted to putting out a ground insect killing compound(much to my dislike). Nothing has worked. There are so many of them that they can reproduce faster than I can kill! I would appreciate any suggestions and will use all of them. I am desperate. Oh, by the way,Anne H., you are wrong. I put out a mulch. They hide under it and come out when it is dark to eat my salvias, zinnias, ferns, anything they is not moving too fast to get away from them. They even come in the house clinging to my cat's fur after he has taken a nap in my fatsia bushes (which they eat too).

Question: Getting Rid of Pill Bugs

How do I get rid of Pill bugs in my house?



Most Recent Answer

By BJ (Guest Post)11/06/2008

We live in Missouri and found that hiding "hedge apples" around in the house gets rid of pill bugs & keeps them away.

Solutions: Getting Rid of Pill Bugs

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