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Condiments on the Table or Counter

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What items should you leave on your kitchen table? For example, should I put the sugar, salt, and pepper on the table leave them on the counter?

By waitress from Brick, NJ


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By Maryeileen [76]08/26/2009

We keep the salt and pepper on the kitchen counter and the sugar is kept in the pantry.

By christi [66]08/26/2009

I have a rolling island, that has deep wire basket sliding shelves. I keep all my spices in top basket next to stove. On top of it I keep a small lazy susan with salt, pepper, and three little containers holding instant tea, sugar and coffee mate. The containers are plastic with really good lids. I dont keep anything on my table, I like being able to clean it without clearing it.

By Sandi/Poor But Proud [422]08/26/2009

You can keep sugar on the counter but keep a cracker in it. If you have ants, put it away. Salt and pepper can be on the counter, but keep some grains of rice in the salt to keep it from clumping. Or, do what I do and mix pepper and salt together. If you like both, it saves time and space. Also, by seeing how much pepper you are putting on, you tend to stop before you use too much salt.
Acidic things can be kept out, and I would suggest a lazy susan. Pretty much spices can be left out, unless your table gets a lot of steam then it's a good thing to keep them dry.

By Frances Adams [11]08/24/2009

I have a paper towel stand up holder with a roll of paper towels, salt and pepper shaker (I keep the sugar jar in the cabinet), a Tony's seasoning shaker, and a bottle of pepper sauce on the kitchen table. I do have a long farm house type table, and try to keep them all down toward one end. Everything else stays in the 'spice' cabinet or in the fridge.

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