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Hello. I want to paint my Rattan headboard from white to cherry finish? My headboard is Rattan and finished in a white gloss. I want to paint it to match my Cherry bedroom furniture. I can't stain it over the gloss and it would be too difficult to sand. I need a spray paint in a Cherry color, but I can't find paint in wood colors. Can anyone help me in finding the Cherry spray paint? Please offer brand names so I can do a search online. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks! in advance. God Bless.......John 3:16

Sherry from WV



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By pam munro 523 787 07/19/2007

Don't make yourself nuts trying to match it - it's not the decorating trend, anyway! Maybe you could paint it and antique it in a darker "rattan-like" color -spray paint works well with wicker/rattan in my experience and then you could use an antiquing kit - there are lots at the hardware store...Take a look at what they have in Pier One & stores like that as a guide to what you would like your headboard to turn out like..

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By Debra Vanderpool 35 07/19/2007

You can do a glaze technique:

http://www.decoratingstudio.com/arc ... ht_painting/Paint_Glaze_Recipes.html

to do your headboard use a sea sponge from hardware store to get into the cracks. You will follow the directions for coloring the glaze{website directions} Then dip sponge wipe on wait a minute then wipe off excess. Repeat until desired color is reached. It may take several application but should work well. When getting the glaze ask if it has a dull finish or should you apply a coat of polyurithan(?) if your other items have a high shine you want to match. Good Luck.

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By (Guest Post) 02/19/2008

Did you ever find what you were looking for? I think this is it. http://www.dealtime.com/xGS-Spray_Wood_Stain~NS-1~linkin_id-8009530

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By regge (Guest Post) 07/31/2008

Someone should make this color - that's the reason I was looking on this website. Trying to find cherry wood paint - since mauve is out now. The mauve carpet is easy to replace but the furniture and pictures/frame are not. I changed the walls to a mauve mist which turned out light lavender. I hate to paint the wall again and it is growing on me. Suggestions? Should I paint the furniture all white or black? Thanks.

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By Maria (Guest Post) 09/10/2008

I'm looking for the same as well, try this link
http://www.createforless.com/Design ... source=googlebase&utm_medium=cse

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