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Uses for Cut off Blue Jean Legs

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Last night I cut off my husbands blue jeans and made him some shorts. What can I do with the bottom portions that I have left? It has to be something really easy as I do not sew and don't have a machine and I have no little ones at home, just three little doggies! Thanks in advance! You ladies and gentlmen are the best! :)




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By Alex (Guest Post)11/14/2007

You can make non-sew pot holders.
Use any kind of glue (washable glue if you are going to wash them) and glue 2 squares of any size together. You can cut some cotton batting a little smaller than the jean squares and glue in the middle of the 2 jean squares. OR: glue the jean squares inside out (on only 3 sides), let dry, turn right side out and glue the open end! Hope this helps!

By GSYLE (Guest Post)06/18/2007


By yvonne (Guest Post)07/10/2006

Sew one end of the legs up, fill it full of white rice and then close the other end. Put in the microwave and heat the rice. Use for achy muscles, and to also warm up beds on cold nights.

By BoruNorth (Guest Post)06/19/2006

I had a friend who used to take those leg parts and put drawstrings in both ends,to use as a cat carrier when she took her cats to the vet, the cats didn't mind a bit being all bunnied up and couldn't claw through the tough denim. The vet was able to reach into the top part to use his stethescope and even do injections. You could even decorate the bags if your crafty and sell or give them away to catty friends

By Sandra (Guest Post)06/18/2006

Roll them up into a spiral, fold it in half, and stick lots of them in a vase for impromptu denim roses!

By tiffany (Guest Post)04/18/2005

you can make a headband to match your jeans when u put them on.
hope this helps u

By Glynda L. (Guest Post)11/04/2004

Blue jean legs make the best potholders ever! I made one today using the batting from an old worn out potholder. I appliqued some stars onto it just for fun. Obviously this idea works best for someone who likes to sew!

By Ann (Guest Post)10/05/2004

Since you said you don't sew (I see most people gave you suggestions that involve sewing!), you could cut the pieces into strips and tie them together to make doggie chew/play toys. No sewing involved there! :-)

By Lisa Trudeau10/05/2004

If they're not shabby looking where you cut them down, you could make throw pillows out of them.

By Kelly (Guest Post)10/05/2004

Sew one end shut, then stuff for a car travel pillow. After it's stuffed, sew the other end shut. They are sturdy, wash well and fit nicely behind your neck. I still have mine from when I was a kid.

By Jayne [3]10/04/2004

Stitch or staple one end together, insert a glass jar, turn down a cuff at the top, decorate with red, white, and blue ribbons tied in a bow around the neck of the jar, and you have a cute flower vase.

By Pat [1]10/04/2004

Sew the narrowest edges together with strong thread, and firmly stitch a loop of cord to each side of the other end, to make a bottle carrier for picnics, parties or just for giving a bottle as a gift.

I saved my off-cuts and they have been invaluable for patching the knees of hubby's work jeans over the years.

By dsbaby14 (Guest Post)10/04/2004

You can make quilts, handbags, pocketbooks, belts, or covering a small lamp shades.

By Christine10/03/2004

Well it depends on how small your dogs are but your pets can use them as covers or just to run around and play tug-o-war with. Or you can use them to clean around. Hope this helps you out !

By WDW (Guest Post)10/01/2004

You can use them to make knee, elbow and/or pocket patches as well as for some arts and crafts projects. Instead of sewing use fabric glue or a glue gun.

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