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Olfa Rotary Cutting Mat Warped

I have a Olfa rotary mat which has warped. The official Olfa site says it cannot be repaired. Has anyone tried to repair one of these rotary mats to make it flat once again?

By bpsmith from Houston, TX

Recent Answers

By Beth10/08/2009

I stored my mat behind a bookshelf and unfortunately, it warped. To restore it, I put it on my sewing table with my sons weights from the weight bench placed in the curly spots. After several weeks it was flattened out like new.

By Pamela [3]10/07/2009

I purchased a mat like this once that was warped. I placed it outside on a hot sunny day. I placed it on the top of our hot tub cover (any flat surface should do). I left the mat there for several hours and when I returned for it, it was perfectly flat. The heat of the sun seemed to "relax" the uneven surface and now the mat looks like a new one. Hope this tip works for you!

By Sue Hinely [20]10/07/2009

Maybe try heating it up with your blow dryer and as you heat a section lay heavy books all over it and let it set overnight. Hope it helps.

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