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Repairing Terra Cotta

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Can broken Terra Cotta be repaired? I have a Terra Cotta Sun and a couple of the pieces have broken off. Can they be glued back on?

Maryeileen from Brooklyn, OH



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By Leah [12]04/16/2008

I agree with Gorilla Glue working. There's also a neat gel glue put out by Super Glue brand called Loctite. It's in a silver & blue side-squeeze container & can be found at Walmart. I've glue all kinds of things with it, and it's good abot not drying out or getting the lid glued on because of how the bottle dispenser is made.

By elsinr (Guest Post)04/16/2008

For future reference, a good place to go to know what glue to use to glue two different things together is

By lynn (Guest Post)04/15/2008

Gorilla glue will do the trick

By pam (Guest Post)04/15/2008

Sure! E6000 glue works really well on terra cotta.

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