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Looking for Car Wash Sign Ideas

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Does anyone have any ideas on catchy car wash signs/posters? Our fundraiser (for church building fund) will be coming up in 2 weeks. I would like some catchy saying's or phrases. Please help. Tired of just the same old "car wash, donations accepted" signs.

Doramae from California


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By Ed from Texas (Guest Post)01/14/2009

Find a nice local Self Service Car Wash in your area and sit down with the owner to come up with a way to use at least one or two bays. He should be able to show you how to proffesionally wash a car in an eco correct way. He will get a lot return business at his car wash for helping you out!

By Tawnda (Guest Post)06/16/2004

You could even have the car washers and sign holders wear shower caps or swim caps with goggles.

By Tawnda (Guest Post)06/16/2004

Draw your signs in the shape of a car and take some wire or pipe cleaner and tape to back of the sign and tie streamer, ribbon, etc. hanging down from the wire to look like water spraying on the car.

Or get some yellow posterboard and cut in shape of a rubber duckie and write "car bath" on the sign. Even if you don't cut the posterboard, you could draw the outline shape of the duck and draw bubbles around him.

Have your sign holders or sign helpers hold back brushes pretending to give the duck a bath.

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