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3 Year Anniversary Tips?

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Our 3 year wedding anniversary is soon. I want to something creative and fun for my husband. We are on a limited budget. Any moneyless ideas? Thanks!



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By Jessica (Guest Post)06/10/2006

well this isn't quite moneyless... because you would have to buy food but i would say cook dinner for him in nothing but heels and apron and a pearl necklace... trust me you'll be irresistable... dont forget to light candles.

By cindy (Guest Post)06/30/2005

I would find a really neat place to go alone and make love, me and my husband went to a local place where they climb rocks and has a beauitful view.
We went very late in the evening, and of course we could not get our inside light to cut off on our truck, and we were so excited (like we were dating). Finally when the dome light cut off we walked up the trail, had a blanket and made a memory.
We are 43 & 42.

By Peggy (Guest Post)06/29/2005

Take 36 slips of paper (one for each month) and on each one write "reasons why I love you" or "why I'm thankful I have you" or just reasons why it's nice to have him around, write a different reason on each paper. Roll the papers up and tuck each one inside a balloon, blow up the balloon and tie it. You can attach string to the balloon and tie the balloons around the house, inside or out, or you can just let them lay all over the room. When you're ready for him to see his little presents hand him a pin. I did this for my boyfriend one year and he was really quite while he popped each balloon and read the message, but afterward he told me how much it meant to him to know I appreciated him that much. That was 14 years ago, and we're still together.

By (Guest Post)06/29/2005

How about a gift certiciate book for things in 3's, 3 footrubs, 3 batches of cookies, 3 take out the trash days (or some other hated chore), 3 He picks the movie or DVD, etc

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