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McDonald's Dollar Menu

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Here is a cheap lunch tip: McDonald's has a $1 menu. Order a side salad, which is small, and the 4 piece chicken nuggets. Cut the nuggets into small pieces. All for only $2!

The salad is only 20 calories and the nuggets are l70. The least calorie dressings are: (if you used the entire package.) Low fat Italian is 50 calories, Low fat Balsamic is 40 calories and Ranch is 170 calories.

Then if you are a "senior". you get a "senior" drink for 49 cents with refills.

It's a great day if I learned something new!

By Syd from Dunkirk, MD


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By Cynthia Mullen (Guest Post)01/16/2009

Regardless of what anybody says, that Dollar Menu has kept me and my youngest son from going hungry a few times!! Plus it tastes good too. Too bad they took off the double meat cheeseburger. Most idiotic I say!!

By mooyou. (Guest Post)09/18/2008

What you get from McDonald's its just FAT =)

By Elly Jackson (Guest Post)01/28/2008

The dollar menu is awesome. If they ever took it off, I don't think they would get very much business cause most people just go there every day for the dollar menu like me! yay Dollar Menu

By yumyum1 (Guest Post)03/16/2007

That's what I do @ Wendy's!

By Cheryl from Missouri (Guest Post)10/09/2006

Also, if you dine in you can get a free kids ice cream cone (even adults) just for asking.

By NHdoubleK (Guest Post)10/09/2006

I work at a McDonald's and this is what I do for lunch--I order the side salad and have them add a grilled chicken patty (the kind you get in the BLT, Club or Classic sandwich) on top. The chicken breast is only $1.00, and I order a small drink (free refills), bringing the total to $3! The grilled chicken breast is 150 calories, 20 calories less than the 4 piece McNuggets and much more meat (IMHO).

By Kim (Guest Post)10/09/2006

I agree, the $1 menu offers enough to choose from and now that my daughter works there, the dollar items become .50 items! woohoo

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