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Cider Vs. White Vinegar

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Are cider and white vinegar interchangeable, such as using in foods?

Kathy from Sioux City, Iowa



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By Jana [7]11/07/2008

As for cleaning, white seems to be the best -- for one thing, less odor! :) Personally, on food, I prefer apple cider vinegar, it is a bit more sour and has more of a "bite". But, again, that is my personal preference, you might prefer white vinegar for the same reasons, because you might want it to be less tart. So, just try it and see where your tastes lead you!

By Linda (Guest Post)11/07/2008

I am 67, when I was a kid, I was taught brown vinegar for cooking, white for cleaning. Every so often on cooking network I see someone using white vinegar in a recipe which confused me.

By Louise B. [5]11/07/2008

Chemically they are virtually the same, although many cider or other types of vinegar are slightly stronger, and usually white vinegar is cheaper and available in larger amounts. Cider vinegar and other types of fancy vinegar have very distinctive flavors and slightly different odors, so would make quite a bit of difference in a salad dressing, for example.

By Grandma J [46]11/07/2008

For cleaning I use white, preference to see it as a clear cleaner. Different foods "like" different vinegars differently. Like a spice, depending on how you like it. Different parts of the country also use vinegars differently. Instead of a lettuce salad dressing, droplets of vinegar over the top are used, NOT ME, give me my Dorothy Lynch!
You just have to try it with each food you use.

By Anne Miles [3]11/07/2008

Depends on the use. For cleaning, rinsing the soap out of towels and souring milk for a recipe: white. For rinsing hair or an energy drink: cider.

By Cyinda [214]11/06/2008

For cleaning & weed control, you can also buy a much stronger vinegar at plant nursery's & landscaping stores.

Even though I agree with what Rob said in his post, I tend to use whatever I have on hand when cooking & interchange cider with white vinegar when cooking, but then again, I'm not a gourmet cook either! <*grin*>

By Rob (Guest Post)11/06/2008

They are similar but white vinegar is much more harsh and offers little in the way of flavor. Apple cider vinegar is milder, sweeter and brings great flavor. IMHO white vinegar is best for cleaning and has limited use in the kitchen. My favorite is rice vinegar - versatile and mild.

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