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Cleaning Soot From Bricks

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How can I remove the sooty black marks off of my brick fireplace? Thank you.

By Laurie from Mount Olive, MS


Recent Answers

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By Allison11/06/2009

Great ideas, guys! I need to clean my fireplace too.

By Randa Wagner [48]06/03/2009

I would use awesome from dollar tree. I used it to clean the wood around my fireplace and it took it all off.

By Cyinda [214]05/31/2009

When we had a house fire the cleaning pros came in & used the coolest thing! They used a dry-cleaning "Soot Sponge" Here's more info:

The last URL is the cheapest.
Fore more info, just Google "Soot Sponge" or "Dry Cleaning Sponge"...

To get down into the groves, Use "Scrubbing Bubbles" bathroom cleaner & a toothbrush. Spray the scrubbing bubbles on (or a $1 store knock-off) then leave it sit for a minute or 2 then wipe the grime off with an old towel. After you have most of it off, spray it on again & use a toothbrush in the groves. Other cleaners won't work, you need a spray-on bathroom cleaner (the kind in a can, NOT products like "Fantastic" in a spray bottle). Also, places that sell woodstoves have amazing products & cleaners for this.


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Archive: Cleaning Soot From Bricks

I would like to know the best product or method to clean soot from bricks, which are around an internal fire place.

Thanks for any help,

Bob from New Zealand

RE: Cleaning Soot From Bricks

Muriatic acid diluted with a littlewater and a soft bristly brush will remove the soot. Make sure you cover the area around it with plastic. Brush gently and wipe with a clean sponge. Wear a mask when doing this chore. The fumes are toxic. (10/10/2005)

By Annie.

RE: Cleaning Soot From Bricks

Trisodium Phospate or tsp can be bought at most hardware stores. I use it mixed with water and a stiff brush.. About 1/2 cup to a pail. AND USE RUBBER GLOVES. Rinse after. Should clean up easily (10/11/2005)

By Susan from Hamilton

RE: Cleaning Soot From Bricks

One day I noticed a lady scrubbing the bricks on her porch. they were a light yellow. they were beautiful when she was done. She said she used ajax or comet type cleanser on them. Good luck (10/11/2005)

By Eve

RE: Cleaning Soot From Bricks

Homemade Fireplace Cleaner (posted 2005-04-01)


  • 4 Cups Hot Water
  • 1 Bar Fels Naptha Soap
  • 1/2 Pound Powdered Pumice
  • 1/2 Cup Ammonia
Grate Fels Naptha Soap into a bucket with hot water. Then add Pumice and Ammonia. Mix all ingredients well. Wear gloves and make sure you have adequate ventilation when using this solution. Scrub fireplace with this solution and then scrub with water to rinse. (10/12/2005)

Archive: Cleaning Soot From Bricks

I have black soot on the bricks surrounding my fireplace. I need to find a way to remove the black soot from the bricks of the fireplace outside the fireplace itself. Is there a soot remover? It's really ugly looking at my fireplace.

By Wendelle from Tucson, AZ

RE: Cleaning Soot From Bricks

Yes, there is a soot remover, but I didn't find it to be any better than 409. I spray a section and use a stiff brush to clean and then rinse with clear water in another spray bottle. I dab the moisture up with an old towel. It drys quickly anyway. (04/29/2009)

By Glenn'sMom

RE: Cleaning Soot From Bricks

I used Comet Cleanser and a stiff brush and a little water. It did an OK job, but not a perfect job. (05/06/2009)

By mulberry204

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