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Party Favors for 10 Year Old Boys

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Help! My son is turning 10. What is a good party favor to give the boys?

Marianne from New York



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By joy (Guest Post)03/13/2008

My son turned 10 last year and I found this website that sold goody bags for boys and they were a great hit. They were filled with whoopie cushions, bleeding gum, to slimy stuff and so much more. I can't remember the site, but keep looking. I am looking now to order again. If found I will post.

By Wendy (Guest Post)11/10/2007

Whoopie cushions. Dollar General has the self-inflating kind for $1.50 apiece.

By Julie [49]11/09/2007

check your local yellow pages for a store called "DOLLAR DEN" you may not have one in your town but find one in a town near yours.we are from the eastern state, tenn. and have lots here. They are a party specailty store with many themes and have all the party supplies to fit the theme from paper goods to pinyatas everything. they order there things straight from oreintal trading the on line web site. and there prices are like the dollar tree and dollar store prices. take your son with you to pick out the many choices they offer.
also christain book stores sells lots of favor ideas.

By (Guest Post)11/09/2007

You can get inexpensive cars/trucks (the toy kind) to give to them. Dollar stores have them.


Editor's Note: Be cautious of toys from dollar stores as there have been many toy cars that have been recalled lately due to lead paint.

By U*u*U (Guest Post)11/08/2007

I suggest that you take your son with you to the dollar store and incourage him to choose with you. He'll know what ten year old boys in your area would like. U^u*U

By Gertrude (Guest Post)11/08/2007

Have you every checked out Oriental Trading? I have used this source both personally and I use it for church activities also. The prices are great and the supply endless!

By melody_yesterday [213]11/08/2007

Jawga mentioned this company already... I have ordered from them in the past.They have some great deals !

By Robin Herrin11/07/2007

What about those lightweight airplanes or the parachute guys that you throw up into the air? My son always loved those things. Yoyos, silly putty, those capsules that you put in water and watch grow, glowsticks. You need to go to your nearest Dollar store and shop around, you'll get lots of good ideas or maybe if you have time try Oriental Trading Co.

By Louise B. [4]11/07/2007

If you can handle the resulting wars, you could give them water pistols. One year I gave out golf tubes which they used for sword fighting. But if you are not into all this weaponry, you can't go wrong with little cars. Depending on budget, another thing little guys like is lego. Single boxes that make a little plane or something might be okay, although sometimes that might be too easy for 10 year olds.

By Christine Biernat [5]11/06/2007

Pick a theme for the party and that will give you ideas. If you have a sport theme, you could give those small soccer balls. If you have a board game theme, you can give travel games. Nascar theme - go with Hotwheels. Or just decorate plain paper bags to go with the theme and fill with candy. Never go wrong there! Now, take your Tylenol and have a good time!

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