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Indoor Fountain Vapor/Fogger Stopped Working


I have a 3 legged metal stand. It holds a large bowl filled with water. You plug in a device that turns multiple colors and puts out a vapor. It no longer puts out vapor. What is this called and where can I get one?

Sandra from Monroe, MI



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By Sandra Spiess 3 4 08/06/2007 Flag

I googled and found Oscillation LED lights, they are sold by a co out of Columbus, OH $30

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By R Anderson (Guest Post) 08/08/2007 Flag

I have a Palantic "ultrasonic mist maker. (Magic Sky) Mine came from a florist, but I have also seen them at the Fair. It has a toll free number 1-800-256-7708 and It sounds like it needs a new atomizing ceramic disc The book says you can take it out and try to clean it. You need to have the black auto switch uner 5mmm beneath the water to operate at all times. This applies if the LED lights work, otherwise you have to return the mist maker with the power device for repair.

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By Lily 11 141 08/08/2007 Flag

I saw one of those in a Collections Etc. catalog. Theyre online too at All the stuff they sell is under 20 dollars, some is 10 and some 15 and some just under 20. Its my favorite catalog! (smiles)

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Archive: Indoor Fountain Fogger Stopped Working

This site has been so much help. I love it. I have a tabletop indoor fountain with a fogger that goes in it. The fogger quit working. The red light still glows that's on it but it doesn't make any fog. I've tried soaking it all night in vinegar in case of water deposits (and I scrubbed it afterwards to get the vinegar off). I put it back in the fountain and still nothing. I'm keeping the fogger clear of the stones in the fountain as well. I'm stuck. Any ideas that won't harm the fogger. Those things aren't cheap!

Jenny in KY


RE: Indoor Fountain Fogger Stopped Working

Hi Jenny, here is a link for a fogger repair kit. I really know nothing about foggers so it was the best I could do. It might need a new disk which this provides but because you don't mention what brand of fogger you have, it may not work for your model.

<a href="

You could take it back to where you bought it or write the manufacturer to find out if they have any tips for why it isn't working.

Best of Luck,Susan at ThriftyFun

By ThriftyFun

RE: Indoor Fountain Fogger Stopped Working

You probably need new ceramic disks. (03/15/2006)

By Gene

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