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Using Milk Jugs in the Garden


I have a bad back and needed an easier, lighter way to water and feed my plants. I recycle my 1gallon plastic milk jugs for my garden.

I cut the top of the jug just wide enough to fit my hand in and punch four holes in the bottom of the jug. To hold the jug in place, use a twig or stick picked up from the yard and push it through one of the holes into the soil near the plant. Works great as I can add fertilizer to the jug and fill it to 1 gallon (the exact amount in the directions) and NO carrying or lifting water pails!

I do all my veggie gardening in recycled 5+ gallon buckets, which means more watering per plant. I can fill the milk jug to the top and move to the next plant knowing I've given the plant one gallon of fresh water that will slowly leak to give the root time to "drink" as needed.

By txrosee from Montgomery, TX



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By Allison 460 08/05/2010

I tried this for a slow watering concept, but the squirrels kept knocking them down!

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Tip: Save Water In Milk Jugs

Flowers growing in the UKIn the summer months, I have always kept plastic milk containers filled with water hidden behind group planters, so I do not have to go far when I water the pots. Now that we have a hosepipe ban, this is a good idea. That's why I want to share it with you. Fill if you want to with old washing up water or just add some feed.

Source: Keen Gardener


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Archive: Use Milk Jugs For Garden Water Reservoirs

I have found a very cheap way to water plants and vegetables. I cut off the bottoms of all plastic bottles, dig a hole next to the plant and set the bottle (neck side down) into the hole. Now when watering, or if it rains, it will fill up with water and water the roots at the same time. Thought this might save on water bills. Also we are not filling up the landfills at the same time.

By Jodi from Texas


RE: Use Milk Jugs For Garden Water Reservoirs

That is an excellent idea! I am out here in Oklahoma and during the summer months, it is very difficult to water the garden enough to get a thorough soaking down to the roots, which is where the plant needs it the most for optimal growth. I will start doing this from now on, thank you! (05/06/2008)

By Gina

RE: Use Milk Jugs For Garden Water Reservoirs

I just completed a crafts project today - I used plastic water bottles and had several left over. I was wondering what to do with them, and this is the perfect solution! I'm ready to start tomorrow, and thank you for the absolutely wonderful tip! I'm hoping I'll be able to post something just as useful as this at some point. (05/07/2008)

By KBlueyes

RE: Use Milk Jugs For Garden Water Reservoirs

Thank You! I have a small area about 4 feet wide the entire length of my garage that is on a slight slope. Just enough slope to make the water run downhill instead of seeping into the dirt. I give quite a few milk jugs to recycling each week. Now I can use them for this. Can't thank you enough! (05/07/2008)

By Debbie T

RE: Use Milk Jugs For Garden Water Reservoirs

Great idea! I live on a houseboat and we only have container gardens. I reuse my bath water for plants. I secured 2 hoses on my 2nd story balcony which go down to my ramp below. The hoses go into plastic buckets (old kitty litter buckets I liberated from the recycle bins), I use a funnel on top of the hoses. I reused (again) old kitty litter plastic containers to transfer the water to my balcony. (05/18/2008)

By Carolyn

RE: Use Milk Jugs For Garden Water Reservoirs

You are most welcome! This is just a small way to pay back all the good ideas that I have gotten from this site. I do rate this site above a 10. Each day I can't wait to see what everyone has written and I have learned so much from so many people. I also have started taking off both ends of my can goods (some you can not remove), and now have started putting those out in my garden also. It really does not matter what size of cans or plastic bottles you use. I am so glad I was able to pass on my idea and help some of you. Another idea that we try to do when planting a tree or shrubs, is to plant a pipe into the ground next to what you are planting. Leave enough sticking up so you can take the hose and fill it up to also get the roots watered. (05/19/2008)

By jodi.

Archive: Using Milk Jugs in the Garden

We drink a lot of bottled water and I hate to throw away the plastic gallon jugs, it seems such a waste. Can anyone give me any suggestions for recycling them into something usable?

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