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Decorating for a Low Country Boil

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I need help decorating for a low country boil!

Cassie from GA



Recent Answers

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By Katy of MO (Guest Post)05/05/2007

When we were visiting South Carolina, they made the low country boil outdoorsey in one place we visited. They had a couple picnic tables end to end and then they had newspaper on both of the picnic tables. When the food was ready, they dumped it onto the newspaper. People then grabbed and ate with no utensils, just hands.

By Beth [25]05/04/2007

I was wondering what that was myself!

By Cassie (Guest Post)05/03/2007

It's a meal really- it's shrimp and crab legs, corn on the cob, new potatoes and sausage (some people thrown in crawfish) all boiled together with a spicy sauce. People have big casual parties and have this to eat. Some people use it for rehearsal dinners.

By Cathy (Guest Post)05/03/2007

Would you mind to tell me what a low country boil is? Thanks!

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