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Retirement Party For A Sheriff

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I need some ideas for my husbands retirement from the sheriffs dept of 36 years. I am open to any ideas...thanks for any help you might have. I also need some ideas for a retirement gift from me to him.



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By Yasmin (Guest Post)01/22/2006

My mother made a colorful scrapbook for her husband's retirement from teaching middle school. She put in photos from when he first taught up until now, awards and other random stuff in it...just an idea!

By Kim McGrantham [16]02/15/2005

Also try to get a good DJ .. Theres one here called "Dancing DJ's" and they are awesome for getting everyone going!

By Mary (Guest Post)02/15/2005

My husband retired after 38 years with Houston PD. The guys in his division made him a very nice shadow box containing his badge, name tag, shoulder patch, stripes, award pins, PD's, handcuffs, etc. It has a brass plate with his class# and dates of service. It's a great display and so much better than having all that stuff packed away in a drawer somewhere.

By jodi (Guest Post)02/14/2005

Missouri....thanks for such a cute site. found several items that will work. yes I do an have for some time use the Wilton molds to make candy but this is a site I had never seen before. am wondering if they sell their products in any store.

By jodi (Guest Post)02/14/2005

oh "thank you all" for your help..some really "great" ideas. am still open for ideas. thanks again for your help.
for Suzanne.....just wanted to let you know that as for me I will still be clipping grocery coupons for our military families overseas..this I will "never" retire from this has got to be one of the most rewarding projects I have ever done.
thanks again all !

By Cheryl from Missouri (Guest Post)02/14/2005

You could use a Andy Griffith/Barney Fife theme. Or sells a chocolate mold and giftbox for a Policeman theme gift set. The molds are shaped like handcuffs, billy club, radio and badge. You just melt the Wilton chocolate wafers you buy at Hobby Lobby or Michaels, pour in the mold, refrigerate for 30 minutes and remove the chocolates from the mold. They also have badge lollipop mold. You make those the same way as the other mold only add a lollipop stick (also available at Hobby Lobby or Michaels) before refreigerating them. Another mold available is a "Happy Retirement" business card size. They have boxes for those also.

By jo (Guest Post)02/14/2005

This spa is for "Men Only". Antonio y Cleopatra Cigar, 1 oz. mini flask, cigar cutter, tube of breath mints, tube of peanuts (for sustenance), mini ashtray, stick matches, and imprinted label cocktail napkin (neatness counts). Tuxedo eye pillow is of black satin. "Shirt" portion is removable photo stock insert.

By Suzanne Spencer [7]02/14/2005

When I moved from the "Big City" into the country my girlfriends knew that living the "quiet life" would be hard. Especially after being used to sleeping to gunshots, firealarms, street fights and the like. So they made me a CD of rowdy inner city sounds. Dogs barking, people banging furniture against walls, babies crying, cops shouting, etc. To, and I quote, "Help me sleep at night." Maybe you could make a CD for the Sherrif of noises he would normally associate with the job so when he's sitting around the quite house during his retirement and bored off his rear-end it'll remind him of you. Tell him I said, as the spouse of a military member, that we are proud of his devoted service and commitment to keep us safe. Good luck and best wishes.

By Sarah_bellum (Guest Post)02/14/2005

My boss has the cutest coffe cup, I'm not sure where you can get one, but they have kits at the craft store if you would like to make one.

The coffee cup says "Geniune Antique Policeman"

He is retired from the City and uses this cup every day.


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