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Should I Put Vinegar In Water When Boiling Eggs?


Should I put vinegar in the water to boil eggs?




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By (Guest Post) 03/20/2008 Flag

I always do, Vinegar is good for you , plus its suppose to prevent cracked eggs from leaking

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By Maria (Guest Post) 03/20/2008 Flag

Absolutely. I cooked some eggs this morning and I added about 2 T of white vinegar to the water. After the water boiled, I simmed the eggs for 20 minutes. Then, I submerged them in an ice bath and they peeled extremely easily.

Happy Easter

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By Jill 4 738 03/20/2008 Flag

I find that when I put vinegar in the water, it leaves a residue on the shells. Salt will also set any whites if the eggs crack in the cooking process, without leaving anything on your shells. Usually the residue is of no matter (after all, we're just peeling and eating); but if you are going to color your eggs, you don't want to have to wipe them all clean first. I just add about a teaspoon of salt to the water when I start it.

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By John Hyde (Guest Post) 03/20/2008 Flag

Happy Easter Pat. Yes you most certainly can use vinegar in with your eggs, BUT I much prefer a teaspoon of salt to the water(if you are boiling or poaching). Cheers, John

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By Heidi Chun 2 20 03/20/2008 Flag

Hi Pat,
I know you are asking about making hard boiled eggs, but if you want to make poached eggs, vinegar is also helpful. If you add a tablespoon of it to the boiling water and then slide your eggs into the water, your egg whites will stay together and not mix with the water very much. Your poached eggs will look like the shape of an egg as opposed to looking like a pancake. I just learned this trick and I'm quite pleased with it.

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By Marjorie (Guest Post) 03/21/2008 Flag

I don't put anything in the water but the eggs. I put the eggs in a pan, add enough water to cover and after it comes to a boil, I simmer gently for 10 minutes. Pour off water and immerse eggs in cold water. Let cool. The yolks will not be green in color and eggs peeled efforlessly if they aren't too fresh.

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By Lori 7 03/23/2008 Flag

I put a little vinegar in the water and it makes the eggs so much easier to peel. You can also use salt but it dosent work as well for me anyway

Happy Cooking Lori

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