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Canned Tomatoes Have a Metallic Taste

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I make salsa using store-bought tomatoes in a can. The salsa has a "can" taste that I don't like. Does anyone know of a trick to cut that taste out? Thanks.

By Sarah B. from Cleveland, TN

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By Olivia04/10/2010

Oh yes to neutralize the metallic, a teaspoon of baking soda, yes!! does the job every time. In the morning I use one teaspoon of soda in cup of tepid water mix and drink. this helps to alkalize your body, if your body's ph is off this opens you up to illness.

By Olivia04/10/2010

Be careful of any cans that have that new plastic lining. some times it is clear or white. the danger here is bisphenol-A. there is a lot on the net about the danger. Your grocer should know what cans have it. Hunts, all kinds veggie cans, paste tomatoes. There's more, check it out folks. Grow enough to can your own tomatoes. Check out the book Seeds of Destruction.

By cettina [74]09/21/2009

Try a pinch of sugar to regulate the amount of acidity in the tomatoes and mask the "canned" taste. I've always used canned tomatoes in my recipes since its not always convenient to have fresh tomatoes on hand, especially if you don't use them up quickly.

By Renee Strange [8]09/19/2009

My experience with canned tomatoes is they should be used soon after purchase while they still taste good, and the metallic taste becomes more pronounced the longer they are stored. I personally wouldn't use them, as we are already getting enough harmful metals in our bodies from other sources. Especially in your good salsa, which is so labor intensive!

By Grandma J [46]09/18/2009

That is the acid chemical change with the tin/aluminum. Not much you can do, maybe add some lemon or lime juice? I process my own and occ have to buy from the store. That is the difference. I use jars.

By Anonymous [848]09/17/2009

I don't know a trick for that. Why not just use the equivalent amount of fresh tomatoes instead? Most likely will cost less money and no preservatives ;-)

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