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High School Senior Dinner Centerpieces and Favors

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I need some inexpensive ideas for centerpieces and or favors for a High School Senior Dinner I need approximately 90. Thank you,

Beverly in PA



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By Coach Brady (Guest Post)09/14/2005

does anyone have any ideas of what to do as far as entertainment?

By Pat Wilson [4]05/17/2005

I have a ideal have everyone to write down their favorite things to do and make copies on smaller paper make a small book for each class member you could decorate the front cover with school logo followed by "Our Favorite Things." You could put four on each side of standard printing paper cut in centerfold and stack staple in middle use construction paper of school colors on outside. this would be a great keepsake.Favorite Things can be cars ,food, ,School functions,favorite teacher ,hangouts,local restaurant ,mall or what that person considers to be their favorite thing to do even favorite tv show,book or dog anything they like best . It doesn"t cost much and everyone has a small part of their Prom !!!!

By (Guest Post)05/17/2005

Is the party for the senior class, or your graduating senior. If it is for your senior, make copies of picture from when he was growing up. Put 9 or so pictures to each 8 1/2 x 11 sheet, but so you can still fold the paper into a trifold.

By Amy (Guest Post)05/12/2005

At my senior dinner they gave all the seniors a personalized photo album with our senior group picture in it, and with it they gave each of us desposiable camera's. It was perfect, we could take pictures and for our new photo album.

By Klr208005/06/2005

We attended a banquet last week that had very interesting center peices. They filled mason jars with liquid tempra paint in the school colors. It looked just like candles. More water was added than when the paint is mixed for painting. Balloons were tied to the jars. Favors are harder for kids that age especially since you don't have time to order them. Is it possible that some of the school clubs have left overs from fundraisers like bumper stickers, cups or key chains? They may be willing to part with them at a cheaper price. You could go somewhere like the dollar store and buy daily planners. You may possibly find inexpensive key chains with the Class of 2005 on them. Good luck to you.

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