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Make Your Own Juice Pouch Patterns

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The patterns for the juice pouch crafts are hard for me to understand so I came up with my own patterns. I just bought my sewing machine, a few clearance fabrics, some trim and practiced.

I find to do a wallet for your checkbook, take out your check book wallet, make your pattern from this. I took 2 pouches and double stitched the sides. Then I hot glued beautiful lace and added shoe string handles. Great for the kids.

I used a handbag from my closet to use as a pattern. Stitched 3 bags together, back and front, 6 total. I sewed this together with added purple thick ribbon for the straps and rounded the edges. I double stitched it and made a pocket on one side.

I have photos if you would like to see. I also went to Wal-Mart and bought a handbag pattern for a bigger bag I am doing.

It is a time consumer to start. But don't sweat the patterns, make your own from items you have around the house.

By Sharon from Miami



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By melissa [189]04/29/2009

Would love to see the pics of your juice bag purses. I want to make one, but have no clue where to start. Thanx!

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