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Removing Brake Dust from Clothing

changing break pads

Whether you work on cars or are a bike enthusiast, brake dust can get on your clothing and be tough to remove. This is a guide about removing brake dust from clothing.



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Question: Removing Brake Dust from Colored Clothes

How can I remove or wash black brake dust from a colored shirt?

By Brandi from MI

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By mx5 girl 11 03/20/2010

Wow good question. Brake dust is like asbestos dust. I have used Borax on my aluminum car rims to clean it. Its eco friendly, good for stains, smells, kills mold naturally. I would try this, it is the most amazing understated product on the market.
I live in the rainiest place on earth and have solved many problems with this stuff. As a tradesman I have used it for degreasing tools all the way to getting the stench of boilers and sewers out of cloths and tools. Try it. I mean you are dealing with a nasty problem that other chemicals may make worse. Just do not machine dry your shirt. If you need a second treatment you can do it. If you use heat you will be screwed. You will set the stain with heat and not have the option to try a second or repeat this approach!

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