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How Do I Knit the Last Row?

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Yes, I am a knitting failure. I completely forgot how to knit the last row. Who knows? Thank you.

By Lena from Portland, ME


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By cettina [78]12/07/2009

Don't worry its easy. Knit the first two stitches in whatever pattern you are using, then slip the first stitch you worked that's on the right hand needle over the second stitch you worked. Continue till you only have one stitch left of the row. Then loop your remaining yarn into the remaining stitch (slip it off the needle and enlarge it by pulling at the stitch till it gives enough to pass the remaining wool through). Pull the remaining yarn through and tighten,and that's it! Cut off your yarn and its done!

By mcw [80]11/30/2009
Follow the above instructions on how to bind off your work.

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