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Outdoor Craft Ideas for Kids

I am working at a camp this summer with kids of various ages, 3rd grade to middle school. I am looking for some craft ideas that they can do outside. Thank you, NJ

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By andy09/28/2009

You should really check out this site, it has tones of great activities and ideas to get kids outside. Great site.

By Amber (Guest Post)07/10/2008

RELAY RACES! Come up with your own obstacles! egg race, water balloon fights. I saw one on t.v. years ago where they took a cheap kids pool and filled it with ice and the kids sit around the outside of it bare footed and each had there own bucket they had to fill (just using there feet) set a time limit and see who can get the most ice in there bucket!

By Sonna (Guest Post)06/25/2006

I need messy stuff, I know what you are thinking, She's probably wierd, but i LOVE crazy and messy!

By Nicola Townley (Guest Post)05/25/2006

Yes i have had the same problem. In the past i have found that jewelry making with beads and clay model making have been practical in an outdoor setting. Painting and cutting and pasting can be a bit tragic when you have no access to water or the weather turns windy. But still worth doing occasionally. Making collage pictures with fabric would work as the wind would not blow the material away as easily as paper.

By Jill (Guest Post)07/02/2004

Hi. Go to They have TONS of craft ideas. You can just do a search for outdoor crafts or maybe try messy crafts, etc. They have some really cute ideas!

By longfarm07/01/2004

How about collecting rocks and painting different things on them like animals, flowers, strawberries, etc. Also collecting wildflowers and doing flower pounding to make cards, pictures on t-shirts or to frame.

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