Bedroom Feels Damp


My bedroom feels constantly damp, so does my bedding and clothes. I cannot find the source of the problem. There is no dampness on any of the walls or floor and I cannot find any cracks that might be letting in air. Does anyone have any ideas?

Kyla from Ireland



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By bernice 10/08/2008

I have the same problem. I simply run a room air conditioner to dry it out. I do this all year long too. Believe it or not, the ac in the winter, keeps the room at a more even temperature than depending on the furnace to keep warm and it also keeps the air clean and moving and fresh. I keep the temp at a comfortable 68 all year this way. It also only adds about 3$ a month to my electric bill.

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By Harry (Guest Post) 10/08/2008

Your bedroom has too much moisture. Either open the windows several times a day for 10 minutes for a change of air or buy a dehumidifier.

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By Savings Assistant 9 117 10/08/2008

You could also put a small container of Damp Rid in your room. We have to do this in our basement. (Keep out of reach of children & animals.)

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By Louise B. 6 2,508 10/09/2008

Get a dehumidifier.

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By connie 11 15 10/20/2008

I had this problem. Come to find out we had a hot water leak under the house and the mold was so large it hung from the house to the ground. Everything felt wet it took a lot of time and money to get rid of the mold. We moved the water heater out of the house. It now has a home of it's own outside. Please check and make sure this is not your problem. It can't hurt to look for mold. Have a good day.

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By Lee (Guest Post) 01/11/2009

See here though:
http://www.4hurtingchristians.com/i ... _from_dust_mites_causing_asthma.html

Should help some anyway, many things you can do, extractor fan, and so on, dehumidifier as already suggested, and though defeats the object, when really cold out, normally closer to 0 (freezing), but below 5, have heater on, room around say 21 and open the window for a few minutes, if only a little way, not wide to let too much cold in, and this should help shoot the humidity down.

As for all the rest, I've done the work for you, so many links and information, you'll become obsessed about it like I did, but fascinating and interesting reading and you'll no doubt learn much and realize about your health being affected as well as the damage to your home because of excess or too low humidity in it.

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