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Dry Cracked Bleeding Fingertips

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A co-worker has very dry finger tips in the winter time. They split open and bleed and are painful. He always has them wrapped in bandaids and applies lotion to them periodically, but they keep cracking.

Any ideas?

By Mike


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By jim w01/17/2014

I have found that if I take krill oil my finger tips heal immediately. I use Dr Newtons since off the shelf brands from the big retail stores is junk.
I have tried everything out there--no luck til now. Cracked fingertips are no fun; this is my way of "pay it forward". no bull.

By Kelly M. Hawkins04/10/2011

I use real butter with my meals almost daily. Whenever I get some on my hands I rub it in. Same thing with bacon grease or any animal fat. Rub it in. This and letting my dog lick my hands are the only things I've done different, and my fingertips haven't cracked for two seasons. I used to take Omega oil supplements. That did not prevent the occurence for me. Made me wonder why in the world plant oils would be a replacement for the animal (skin) oil we lose that results in dry skin. Too bad they don't have lotion made from human skin oil!
Prior to discovering this I tried all kinds of lotions, super glue, bandaids, and had pretty good luck getting them to heal and nipping them in the bud by cutting away the dried/dead edges with a nail clipper. Do this when the first sign of cracking appears, but careful, not too deep! Applying enough bandaid sheer strips with the gauze removed kept the area moist, so they wouldn't crack further, and helps hold the crack shut. Also make sure your fingernails have nice rounded corners.
I am so thankful to be rid of this suffering! Hope this helps someone else!

By Winona02/19/2010

I live in Colorado where it is extremely dry! My dad and I had the same problem, fingers and thumbs would crack and bleed. I've tried everything! One thing I always have in my pocket was the miracle for me! Plain old chapstick! No more cracks, no more bleeding and no more pain!
I was out working one day, in the dirt, my thumb cracked and was bleeding and I didn't have any lotion or anything else. I was desperate and reached for the chap stick! It worked!

By Noella [9]12/13/2009

I have this problem also - and a recent yearly check-up shows that I do not have diabetes. There are products from beauty supply places that are similar to Superglue that you brush on like nail polish, but I imagine Superglue is cheaper. The Crisco idea sounds good too, as does vitamins, drinking more water and more moisture in the air. Good luck.

By mrs joe [1]12/11/2009

I used to work for a seed company. Picking field corn by hand. We used Corn Huskers Lotion. It really helped. Vick's Vaporub applied when ready for bed, with old socks over your hands is cheap, and works to soften and heal. Also keeps nose clear while sleeping, if you put hands near your nose. MUCH easier than Vasoline, to wash off the excess in the morning.

By Teresa Tart [1]12/11/2009

My husband had very dry skin and when he went to the doctor he mentioned this to him and told him that it was so dry it itched all the time. This is exactly what the doctor said: This is going to sound stupid but do not go and buy those lotions that are out there, save your money, go the the grocery store and buy a can of Crisco lard and rub some on your dry skin. This works better than the lotions that are out there. Rub some on everyday.

By Beth [25]12/11/2009

Superglue is the best thing I have ever used. They use a form of it place of stitches a lot of the time now. Anyway, once the glue has dried the crack no longer stings and heals remarkable fast. My hands are in water a lot and so I may have to reapply after a day or so if not completely healed, but it works!

By emmamamie [3]12/11/2009

I've used every one of these lotions, vasaline and gloves, you name it, but what finally really helped with the cracking and bleeding of my fingertips was to have a humidifier or a pan of water simmering in my house to add moisture to the dry winter air. It made a tremendous difference!

By eva12/11/2009

I have the same problem as your co-worker. Get him some corn husker lotion (it's oil free and comes in a clear bottle with a yellow label). It absorbs super fast but lasts a long time! It doesn't burn when applied to the split skin either. You can get it at Walmart or Walgreen's stores or CVS stores depending where you live.

By Mary C. [12]12/11/2009

Try Zim's Crack cream. It is made for this problem. Find it at any drug store. Works great!

By Mary Therriault12/11/2009

I use Neutrogena Hand Cream to help prevent cracked fingertips but when I do get one, I clean the crack with hydrogen peroxide, let it dry and then seal it up with "super glue". When the glue dries my finger is not even sore anymore. By the time the glue comes off the crack is usually healed up.

By carla12/11/2009

For me what has helped (get this around Christmas with all the baking dishwashing) is to put neosporin on the cracks, cover with bandages over night. If still not cleared up, use the next day as well. Just cleared a bad crack up in 3 days.
Hope this helps.;

By Carol Swanson [17]12/11/2009

I have a problem with cracking on myhands, but not usually on the fingertips themselves. The best product available is called "Liquid Bandage." I buy the CVS brand. The pharmacist suggested it to me and I love it because bandaids are so bulky. It keeps the wound clean and safe from germs.

YOur coworker needs to find out what is causing his fingertips to crack. Maybe he is allergic to paper or something he handles a lot at work. I have noticed that paper dries out my hands a lot when I handle it. (I used to work in an office.)

Also, I am allergic to the preservatives in lotions and creams. They make my hands worse. So I'd suggest he be very careful as to what he puts on his hands. Vaseline is the very best over the counter product for hands. Apply it at bedtime. I have a prescription cortisone gel from the dermatologist. I suggest he sees a dermatologist. Its unfair to his coworkers to continue working with hands like his.

By Michele [17]12/11/2009

I have the same problem. Lotions are great for preventing the cracks, but your friend already has the painful cuts SO there is a product called "new skin". Apply it to the crack and it will protect and prevent it from getting bigger. It burns at first but if you blow on it, that will take the sting out fast. I worked in an operating room for years and this stuff is just like Dermabond aka surgical glue. It's instant relief!

By Mary [1]12/11/2009

My hands did the same thing due to working with harsh chemicals. I slathered my hands with lotion(any that I had)and covered them with rubber gloves and wore them to bed at night. This stopped them from breaking open after just a couple of nights.

By lesley [1]12/11/2009

This is an old remedy from when I was a shampoo girl at a hairdressing salon.
Disposable Cotton gloves

At bed time:

Wash your hands, rinse and pat to almost dry
Mix a teaspoon of honey with 2 teaspoons of Vaseline.
Apply liberally to your hands, and put on gloves.

In the morning, remove gloves, wash hands to remove the mixture, apply a moisturizer. Repeat the moisturizer thru the day and repeat the nightly routine for as long as needed. Give it at least a couple of weeks to really soften and heal the hands.

The honey has natural anti-bacterial properties, and speeds healing and the Vaseline seals in the hands moisture.
I hope this helps.

By Susan12/11/2009

Witchhazel applied daily will help. I have the same problem every winter, the only relief I have found is Avon's Moisture Therapy in the blue & white tube. No other lotions work, no matter how much you apply them.
Another remedy I use is to dry my hands with a hair dryer at home (since I don't have a hand dryer like in stores). This helps to retain the moisture and heal the already damaged areas. It honestly does work. Be sure each time you wash hands in a public place to use the hand dryers and you will feel relief.

By Janet [7]12/11/2009

Apply a thick, thick layer of Vaseline & cover hands with a sock (whatever) & leave on overnight. Works beautifully on hands & feet. However, this could be a sign of diabetes.

By Sandy Brewer [2]12/10/2009

Bag Balm works great. It can be purchased at Farm Supply stores. It comes in a round tin and it is a real miracle worker!

By Gina Johnston [12]12/10/2009

Lanolin--all natural, no petroleum. The kind for nursing moms works great, or get some from a health food store. You can also heat it up and mix it with olive oil.

The big thing is to take Vit. E internally. Start with 2 per day and see how it goes. Cheap, easy and important!

By Cassy Roberts [1]12/10/2009

Silicone Glove Hand lotion by Avon

By dede smith [17]12/10/2009

Check with the Doctor first, this is a sign of diabetes.
If the doctor approves it, use whatever cream or lotion you want, but use it at night in large amounts and cover the treated area with a cloth glove, and then a latex rubber glove.
Your own heat will make this spa treatment work and then once the skin is repaired it can be more easily maintained.

By kathleen williams [23]12/10/2009

I use to have this problem. I started using vaseline. It really works. I use it every day & night on my hands, face, legs, arms & feet. Nothing else works as good as it, good luck.

By rose [1]12/10/2009

Definitely! My hands used to crack open and bleed. I used to be in agony. Neutrogena Hand Cream. It is more expensive than regular lotions. It comes in a squeeze tube. I would put this directly in the cracks; worked on me like a charm. I keep this stuff handy. Other lotions would hurt my hands with these places but this was almost miraculous for me.

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