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Mother's Day Gift Ideas for a Mom in a Nursing Home

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My mom is in a nursing home and Mother's Day is right around the corner. I started out giving her pictures but everyone else has followed suit and her room is so full. Any ideas what I could give her as a remembrance? Please help!

Karen from Clemmons, NC



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By JoAnn (Guest Post)04/06/2008

Go to for some ideas

By Wheatie (Guest Post)10/20/2007

Try getting her a Portrait Quilt. They are machine washable quilts that has whatever pictures you choose printed into the fabric. A throw sized quilt is perfect for people in nursing homes, and reasonably priced. I think it takes something like 24 photos. I got mine at The quality is amazing!

By Judy [2]04/29/2007

My Mom has always liked to do craft work. However, as she aged, her hands were very shaky. I found that she really enjoyed those velvet posters that come with a small package of colored markers to "paint" the poster. The velvet hides any shaking (out of the lines) marks. As there were only about 4 or 5 markers, I always bought a larger package of markers too.
Also, a favorite lotion or perfume would be appreciated. When lying in bed, it is nice to smell good. Judy in Wisconsin

By (Guest Post)04/28/2007

a calendar with family photos and everyones birthdate and anniversary dates written in for her will make her smile! or what about a photo album for her to pull out and look at that you put together, or a scrap book of special events in her life?
My mom loves to pull out her anniversary book and look through it. She has no more wall space, but does treasure the photos.

By Paula Jo Carr, Mebane, NC (Guest Post)04/27/2007

Depending on your budget how about paying for several weeks of getting her hair fixed and cut, maybe even a couple perms put in it to take care of a years worth of hair care for her.

Or hire a massage therapist to come in to her and give her a shoulder, neck and head massage - she will love it!

Good Luck!

By hwalz (Guest Post)04/27/2007

You might make an effort to visit and read to her, share family stories, etc. - not just on special occasions. A lot of nursing homes have bingo games, or other special entertainment that she would love to have company to do things with.

By Marjorie [9]04/27/2007

Before my mom passed, we all (her kids) got together and made her a tape of each of us talking to her. Each of us had our own time on the tape, and talked and laughed about just about everything. Toward the end of the tape, we talked to each other about what a wonderful mom we had. She listened to that tape for months, and it gave her much pleasure. The workers at the nursing home though it was great for her. Margeth from Michigan

By Linda [9]04/27/2007

Pretty-smelling sachets to put in her drawers to make her clothes smell good would be nice.....

By Linda Jackson04/27/2007

If your Mom likes to send cards, get her a box of all purpose cards and stamps. Then she can send birthday cards, sympathy cards, etc. Also, if she likes to read a magazine subscription would be nice. If she is unable to read you may wish to check on talking books. Linda

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