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The Best Place To Buy Vanilla Beans


Recently there was a tip on how to make your own vanilla extract. Does anyone have an idea of where is the best place to get the vanilla beans?




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By Eletha Cole 4 3 04/26/2005 Flag

I finally found vanilla beans at a Costless Market. It cost 7.99 for one bean. I bought 2 beans and am now waiting for the vanilla to mature. If you don't have a Costless Market in your area, talk to your local grocery store and they would probably order it in for you.

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By CEIL (Guest Post) 04/26/2005 Flag


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By it' 168 254 04/26/2005 Flag

Check your local supermarket. Look in the gourmet spices section, if your supermarket has it. If not, talk to the manager. Sometimes they will help you. Also, try local farmer markets. In my area, we have a person who sells nothing but spices.

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By (Guest Post) 04/27/2005 Flag

Go to to buy them, 3 pods for 5 dollars plus shipping and handling

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By Susan Sanders-Kinzel 9 2,498 04/27/2005 Flag

Try this site for Vanilla Beans.


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By Walker . (Guest Post) 05/05/2005 Flag

A big health food store or other store that carries items that are hard to find.

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By mitsy 7 15 06/08/2005 Flag

Glenbrook Farms ( has Madagascar vanilla beans on sale right now for $1.69 each.

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By Donna (Guest Post) 08/28/2005 Flag

I just got a pound ( about 120 beans) off ebay and they are fantastic! They are Tahitian beans from 6-7 inches. I got them for $30.00 US +SH. It cost me about 40 total and I am storing a large amount in vodka for extract, or pull out a bean and squeeze the seeds out into your favorite recipe. I am keeping a couple dozen in a air tight sealed bag. You can freeze them too, but like most things they lose a little of their essence. I know a pound seems like a lot, they sell 1/4, and 1/2 pounds too. It's loads cheaper than the cost of the beans individually. Buy bulk and share with a friend!

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By Glenn Gottlieb (Guest Post) 03/30/2006 Flag

Try Best prices for best quality beans we've found.

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By Sarah Parry (Guest Post) 04/09/2006 Flag

I ordered some vanilla beans from and they have some of the best beans I have ever seen!! They arrived at my door in 2 days and were vacuum sealed! They were so freash and flavorful so we ordered some more.

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By Afton Black (Guest Post) 04/10/2006 Flag

We too buy all of our vanilla beans from - I am a professional pastry chef and find that their vanilla beans are perfect for all of our applications. Their "Madagascar Premium Gourmet" beans are the best Vanilla Beans we have seen in 8 years!! A couple of the beans were over 9 inches long!!

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By Sean (Guest Post) 05/10/2006 Flag

I ordered bourbon vanilla beans from and the quality was excellent and the price was great too.

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By Mary (Guest Post) 06/08/2006 Flag

We ordered some Mexican Vanilla Beans from and they were very fresh, moist and plump. Some of the best quality beans I have ever seen!

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By Alice 1 7 06/16/2006 Flag

Seeing this post makes me think about the vanilla I'm making...or trying to. I discovered Penzey's about 2 yrs. ago and am fortunate to have a store abut 4 miles from my house (that's where I buy all my spices now). I bought their Mexican vanilla beans because I wanted to make my own vanilla & give small bottles as Christmas gifts to the women in my family. I didn't give it as Christmas gifts because I was really unsure about it. I started this August 7, 2005 when I made 2 quarts...I put 1 1/2 beans in each jar & then filled the jars with vodka. They have been sitting on a little table in my kitchen since then...with me shaking the jars a couple of times a week. Would this be good to use? Or would I need to add more vanilla beans? I know I have read different posts that this stays good for a long time, but could someone tell me what to do now?

Thanx for any suggestions.

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By Sally Tuttle (Guest Post) 09/18/2006 Flag

I want to thank everyone for all of the great recommendations listed on here. We ended up getting our beans from and are extreamly happy. The Mexican Vanilla beans are outstanding - Sweet, Spicy, Smooth and Creamy!!!! Beanilla Vanilla Beans has my personal recommendation too! Thanks yall!

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By ClaireBear (Guest Post) 01/09/2008 Flag

Hello! I followed Sally's suggestion and last week purchased some Vanilla beans from! I am making my own extract, and decided to buy 10 of each of their Madicascar, Mexican, and Tahitian varieties. I received the package yesterday and loved the product! The beans are so much more moiste and plump compared to what I bought in the store. Very impressed. I can't wait to compare the flavors.... I will post my results!
Happy cooking to all!

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By Becca (Guest Post) 09/20/2008 Flag had some Madagascar beans I bought- 25 beans for 9.95 and shipping wasn't bad either!

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By Madeline (Guest Post) 10/07/2008 Flag

The vanilla beans we purchased from were pitiful. I guess you get what you pay for! I think I'll stick with

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By Angela (Guest Post) 11/19/2008 Flag

Are vanilla beans supposed to be pliable or are the dry? I ordered some and they were hard and snapped in half. When I split them down the middle I couldn't get anything out because they were dry. Do they come like this? Was I supposed to do something to them to rehydrate them?

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By curious (Guest Post) 01/04/2009 Flag

Where would I buy vanilla bean in Boston without ordering online? Please help? Thanks.

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By nordmann 1 06/21/2010 Flag

There is a lot of talk about the worlds best vanilla beans, and everyone is selling the worlds best it seems. Just to put the matter straight, Tonga Vanilla from the island of Vavau (tested by an approved FDA chemical analysis methodology company) has 2.75 % vanillin content, making it truly the best vanilla in the world. With only 160-180, 20cm beans to the kg these beans are approximately twice if not 3 times bigger than any other vanilla currently on the market, regardless of provenance. Royal Vanilla Beans of the Tonga market these beans in the US, but they also have an agent/ partner based in Europe.

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By LizzieBee 1 09/08/2011 Flag

Has anyone bought vanilla beans from

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