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Oak Cabinets With Hardwood Flooring


I too have golden oak cabinets with blue laminate counter tops. My living room, kitchen, and dining room are all open and inter connected. Any suggestions for what would go with the laminate, the cabinets, and wood floor?

Dee T.


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By Cyinda 214 1,287 08/25/2009 Flag

I would find a large rug, painting, print, canisters or any piece (or pieces) you love that has both the colors blue & the colors of the wood in it. Then pick up another color that is in this art & you can't go wrong with this technique! If it were me, I'd go with a green, be it sage, or olive (dark or light) or hunter. This way, you 'd have a tri-color scheme. Being, yellow-golden-brown (the cabinets) olive & blue. You can also go with a light blue, but with blue, always make sure there's a tiny bit of gray in the blue or it will look juvenile. Another color to think about would be one that looks like the color of Peanut Butter. I used this color on my walls & ceiling with blue curtains, blue shades, table cloths & accessories in my craft room & it looked wonderful! You wouldn't think peanut butter would look good, but it looks wonderful with blue!

* In floral design school, they told us to consider wood to be "orange". so you'd pick colors that go good with both orange & blue. (that's why I said olive or any green) But if you do the technique above. Buy a rug or a piece of art with these colors plus others, then you can't go wrong!

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By Allison 460 08/27/2009 Flag

I also like cranberry or a version of rust with those colors. One rule I've learned is that you should be able to carry one item - a pillow or rug, for example - throughout any room and it should blend in. That way you know you have a cohesive color scheme.

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Archive: Oak Cabinets With Hardwood Flooring

I have oak cabinets and oak hardwood flooring the kitchen. What color paint would look good on the walls?

Robin from Litchfield, Ohio


RE: Oak Cabinets With Hardwood Flooring

I think the color you paint your kitchen would depend on the color of the adjoining room. You would want something to compliment that color or maybe a deeper shade of the same color. They say red stimulates the appetite. That might be a good color for your kitchen. (03/20/2007)

By auntieM39

RE: Oak Cabinets With Hardwood Flooring

My kitchen also has oak cabinets, oak wainscoting half way up the walls, and oak laminate flooring. The appliances are white. You did not mention the color of the countertops, and the paint should coordinate with those, as well as the adjoining room(s).

My counter tops are tomato red, the back splash is tile of the same color. The walls and ceiling are painted a true white, then sponge painted tomato red over the white. It is bright without being overwhelming. The next time I paint, it will be white ceiling and medium bright blue walls. Or I may wallpaper in a print with red, white and blue in it. I have found that one basic color scheme allows a number of variations.

The adjoining room is the dining room, and it is painted white with dark pine trim. The area rug in there matches the runner in the kitchen, having red and blue in the pattern. In summer, the rugs come up and the floors are bare. Ceiling fan/light fixtures are white in both rooms. What ever you decide, enjoy your new kitchen. (03/21/2007)

By jean

RE: Oak Cabinets With Hardwood Flooring

I, myself, would go with an earth tone. Very light in color depending on countertops, appliances, as well as adjoining rooms. (07/18/2008)


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