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Uses for Old Shoes

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What can I do with old tennis shoes and steel toed work boots?

By timnc2708 from Winston, GA


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By carole [15]09/30/2009

Use them for planters. Really cute!

By Sandi/Poor But Proud [446]09/30/2009

All the ideas are great. I once stashed a spare key inside the tongue of a pair that had plants in them. No one ever caught on. If you plant them, chiken and hens grow great in them...just check it out for yourself.

RE: Uses for Old Shoes

By Jacquelyn Valentine [13]09/30/2009

Sometimes I take old shoes to the shoe repair place and have them resoled or fixed in whatever way they can. Then I either take them home or give them to the Veterans place around here that runs a resale shop.

The planter idea is good, and I've seen that done in a really cute way before. you can leave them as they are or paint them to match your outside decor.

My daughter has a dog that loves to chew and they can't keep him in toys, so they give him old rubber shoe soles to chew on. I know it sounds counter productive, since nobody wants a dog that thinks it's alright to chew on shoes, but he seems to understand that this is his toy and the other ones are for people.

By Tara D. [7]09/30/2009

I don't know if you have a FinishLine store near you but I know they all have bins in the stores where they take old shoes and recycle them to donate to needy children. If you don't have a FinishLine store you could call around to other sporting goods stores and see if they do something similar.

By kathleen williams [76]09/29/2009

Donate them. Good luck.

By Litter Gitter [145]09/28/2009

I have seen potted plants in old work boots and it was cute. I wish I had a pair of my daddy's old worn out work boots he wore farming.

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