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White Spots on Clothing After Washing

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My daughter recently received a Pittsburgh Penguin jersey for Christmas. When my wife washed it the first time, white bleach spots appeared around the hood.

She doesn't use any type of bleach in the laundry and it was washed with dark clothing. Any idea what might be causing this? This has happened before with other articles of clothing.

By Paul


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By neuroticmom [9]01/09/2010

Liquid fabric softener can leave spots also.

By Amy Singh [3]01/09/2010

Oxy clean may do this, I've had this happen with some towels, when I stopped using Oxy clean in the towel load, the problem disappeared.

By Ann Winberg [282]01/09/2010

If you like the kind of detergent you are using and do not want to switch, try putting it in and letting it dissolve before putting in the clothes. Whether it is liquid or powder detergent it can leave spots on the clothes in certain conditions. We found out the hard way never to pour liquid detergent on the clothes and not immediately washing the load, we had lightened spots where the detergent laid on the fabric and they did not come out. Good luck.

By Paul [1]01/07/2010

Actually, after looking at the spot, it has a pink cast to it.

By Jean [2]01/07/2010

It might not be bleach.
If she uses powdered detergent, it can leave little spots of undissolved detergent.
Try rubbing the spot with a wet cloth - if it's detergent, it will come off.
If that's the case, just put the shirt back in the washer and run in through a rinse cycle.

By kathleen williams [23]01/06/2010

Maybe she using too much suds in washer, good luck.

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