Is it Safe for a Cat to Eat Bugs?


My one year old cat catches and eats bugs. Is this normal? and are there any bugs she should not be eating? I am concerned because she is pregnant!

By Chrystal from St Paul, Alberta


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By Jarron 7 106 09/20/2010

Of course it's normal; cats are predators and carnivores. What did they do before humans came along? Catch bugs... catch mice... catch anything that they could eat. Wasps and bees might not be so great for them, but they would learn that real quick.

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By Lizzyanny 9 1,215 09/20/2010

Yes it is. Small wildcats catch bugs as an important part of their diet.

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Please don't worry because it's completely safe and natural! The only time it's creepy, for we humans anyway, is if it's a bug like a grasshopper or cricket where you can hear the crunching noise as they eat it. ;-) Bugs are protein so there's 'no harm, no foul'

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By chrystal 6 15 09/22/2010

Ok now let me ask, what about eating her kitty litter. I know, this is not normal but maybe it is because it is crunchy? She is a strange cat!

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Chrystal, now eating kitty litter is a completely different matter! I would talk to her vet about this ASAP because clay cat litter could possibly bunch up and stick in her tummy causing intentional blockages and especially if it's clumping litter! You might need to switch to paper or pine litter! And, since you mention she is pregnant, it's starting to sound like she is nutritionally deficient. :-( I can't help but ask how much litter is she eating? Please, please, please talk to your vet!

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