My Child Keeps Getting Head Lice


When a child gets head lice often, what can I do?

Sharon from Bolivar, MO



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By mike (Guest Post) 03/14/2007

if it a boy you can shave his head thats the easyest way to go about it

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By Michelle 72 03/14/2007

I'm wondering if y'all are actually getting rid of all of the nits (eggs) when you're treating the lice. The one (and only, thank goodness!) time my daughter contracted lice, I caught them from her. We both have pretty thick hair and it seemed like just when we thought we had gotten rid of them, the little buggers would be show up again. After about 2 weeks and over $100 in treatment, I was at my wits end. I called the doctor and the doctor on call suggested applying Vaseline to our hair and working it to the scalp. We then placed shower caps over our heads and left them on overnight. Talk about an uncomfortable night! Plus, it took FOREVER to get the Vaseline out the next morning, but it worked! The Vaseline "smothered" the nits and lice and it also left our hair pretty darn shiny. Just make sure that you comb through with a nit comb to remove any eggs on the shaft and treat all linens, clothes, stuffed animals and even car seats by washing in hot water and/or using the lice spray. Good luck, I truly know how you're feeling.

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By Just me... (Guest Post) 03/14/2007

Also, when you do finally get rid of *ALL* the nits/lice/eggs, put about 8 drops of tea tree oil in your shampoo/conditioner to keep them away!! :)

Good Luck!

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By Ariela 33 265 03/14/2007

At the age of 8 my daughter cought head lice at school. It was summer and HOT~~~ They spread very quickly at school with kids
sharing combs etc. We washed bedding daily and washed and bagged all stuffed animals, you name it we did it. We ALL used the lice shampoo. It was awful. Her hair was long brown and beautiful. We didnt want to cut i so we used that fine come and combed till the cows came home EVERY DAY!! She would fall asleep with her head in my lap as I combed and combed.. she cried and cried.
But in the end it came down cut cutting her pretty hair. No other way around it. The nits are just to hard to get rid of.
We washed all bed linen EVERY DAY
Bagged all stuffed animals.
Bagged all the clothes in the dresers.
I didnt let her touch her clean clothes.. only I got them out for her!
Vacumed furniture daily and threw out the vac-bag.
VAcumed the car
Told her NOT to share combs at school
And NOT to wear others hats and not to let her clothingbe close
to others. Its Sounds harsh but it was awful, it can last for weeks
and reinfest. Shes grown now but my kids remember it very well!!'
Good luck!!

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By (Guest Post) 03/15/2007


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By glinda (Guest Post) 03/15/2007

We had the head lice reoccurance problem one time, and I learned then, that even when I would get my kids checked by the nurse to "pass", they still re-occurred. We found out that the group we spent alot of time with, did not ALL treat, and one family kept re-infesting the rest of the kids. We had to finally make an announcement for everyone to treat, and get it over with. The one family finally did, and then the problem was gone.

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By Debra in Colorado (Guest Post) 03/15/2007

I assume that you are using a medicated lice shampoo so here is some advice maybe your doctor did not tell you. Wash everything that child owns in HOT water with bleach. Sheets bedding and clothes. Put all stuffed animals in a black garbage bag and leave out side for at least a month of cold weather. Do not allow your child to share combs or hats until you are sure that you have killed all the little buggers. Be careful with the shampoo your child and the lice can build up a resistance to it. Good Luck.

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my grandkids had lice we spent close to a 1,000 dollars trying to get them out of their hair and out of the house. my daughter just gave up and got an appt. with a doctor and he gave them an antibotic called Bactin they stay on it for 2 or 3 days and the lice were gone. Dar in Texas

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By lahlbrand 11 03/15/2007

If your child is in school, tell the teacher it is imperative that your child move seats away from the children she was sitting near. Also, you should mention to your child's school nurse about the lice. And, if there is no school nurse, then call and make an appointment with the Principle and get that person to contact central office immediately and they should have a person who will come and check out all the children in the school. This is very important. They do jump from child to child.

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By Little foot (Guest Post) 03/15/2007

Some other things you can try to help keep lice away is as soon as your children come in from school put all their coats and hats in the dryer. If you run the dryer for about 10 minutes any louse will die. This really helps to cut down on reinfestations.

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By lynn (Guest Post) 03/16/2007

licemeister comb is the best thing, but you must be diligent about combing, I usually do 2 sessions, a day for combing, one short and one long., The older the kids get the less they get it

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By Karon (Guest Post) 03/16/2007

I do understand how you feel as my two children just recently had head lice and once your child has them it is very hard to get rid of them as no matter how many treatments you do to kill the lice and comb out the eggs as soon as they are back to school they get them again. The best thing I have used is a head lice repelant shampoo containing tea tree oil in it as I have been told the head lice do not like the smell and a nit comb and so far it has worked - Good Luck!!

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By Joyce 16 80 03/16/2007

I just use the Tea Tree shampoo.

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By Julia in UK (Guest Post) 03/16/2007

Is your child going swimming regularly in a swimming pool? The chemicals in the pool water stop the head lice chemical treatments from working. When a class of children at a school all have swimming lessons at the same time there is usually a problem with head lice.

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By Michelle (Guest Post) 03/17/2007

after you get rid of the lice, put gel or hairspray in their hair in the mornings. my children were getting it at school so i make them do it daily. so far, so good.

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By Lisa (Guest Post) 03/23/2007

I had the same problem for 3 1/2 months last year. It was a complete headache. I just kept taking out the eggs and nits. Because you can't keep using lice shampoo. It's not healthy. Also there is an easy home remedy, which actually works very well. Mix vegetable oil & vinegar together. 1/2 & 1/2.
You don't need very much to cover hair. Then you put some type of plastic cap over the head for 2 hours, then rinse and wash with shampoo only...NO conditioner.
Good Luck with that!
I know exactly how you feel.
leeb67 AT sympatico.ca

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By Kelly 1 03/26/2007

3 times my child has had this stuff this year! I tell the school, but they do nothing! What should I do? This is killing my wallet and tiring me and my daughter out severely! Also why am I not catching it from her? I'm greatful for this! But it makes no since! What kind of shampoo has this tea tree oil in it or where can you buy it?

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By Miserable Mom (Guest Post) 07/08/2007

Does Spray kill the eggs? Like on a couch or in a car. If not how the heck to you treat a carpet, couch or car? HElP

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