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Rusty Nails for African Violets

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Your African violets will bloom longer, prettier and more abundantly, if you stick a few rusty nails in the soil alongside them.

By oldtimes from Slaughters, KY



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By LeeAnne67 [3]02/12/2011

Hmmmmm...I think I have some old nails out in the shed. I just may give this a try!

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Archive: Rusty Nails for African Violets

I just read that putting rusty nails in the soil of your African violets will help them bloom beautifully - so I just put some in. Wish me luck.

By Pam from L.A., CA

Nail Your African Violets

RE: Rusty Nails for African Violets 04/20/2006
Insert a few rusty nails into the soil around your African violets. The blossoms will be larger, and brighter in color and more profuse.
By joesgirl
RE: Rusty Nails for African Violets 04/20/2006
This trick works for my Clematis, I put the rusty nails in the ground near the roots....and the results were stunning.
By jenireed

By ThriftyFun

RE: Rusty Nails for African Violets

My gardenia`s leaves were rather pale so I went to a local nursery for help. The saleslady showed me a container of "iron" for $10.00. She opened the jar to show me the contents. I remarked that it looked like particles of rust. She smiled and told me that burying a rusty nail or two in plants that require iron will do exactly the same thing. Saved $10.00 and gardenia leaves are once again dark and shiny. (04/21/2006)

By Mairmie