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Craft Ideas for Ivory Piano Keys


I have a few ivory piano keys I would like to make a craft with. I was thinking, bookmarkers?

By Linda T from Lex, SC


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By Frances 3 01/26/2011

I think piano keys would make lovely lapel pins, i.e., brooches, for the ladies. You could paint on a small design, or else use small stickers, then put a purchased pin back on it, and there you'd have it! Fridgie magnets would also be a good idea, constructed in the same way, but instead of the pin back, just glue on a small magnet.

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By Maile 49 114 01/27/2011

Remember that ivory is illegal to sell in the US. I would check with someone who restores old pianos to see if the keys could be used that way?

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By Linda 45 301 01/27/2011

Just a note on book marks. These keys would be pretty thick and most book marks are detrimental to our books! Even the paper ones are not all that good to use. Just saying.

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By Mary Lou 14 765 01/27/2011

I like the wind chime concept. Use small eye screws to hang them at different lengths. How about a tie bar that is truly unique? Paint or marker musical notes etc. on them. You could also glue them to wooden boxes with or without lids. You could even try slicing them vertically up and drilling holes for buttons.

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