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Instructions for Making Things from Cans

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I'm looking for instructions on how to make a "tin man" and "wind spinners" and "air planes" from pop cans. And any other items.
I love making things such as these.

I'm also looking for instructions to make whirly gigs, I'm having a family reunion, and want to make gifts for my guests to take home. Any more fun "things" or ideas would be appreciated. It's a "Scottish" theme.
Thank you,



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By (Guest Post)10/10/2008

I am opening a Cafe. I am trying to think of some Ideas to make the table and chairs from recycled material. Any one have any ideas?

By Sierra (Guest Post)01/24/2007

can somebody tell me how to build a chair out of soda cans please its for the science fair.

Editor's Note: Here are some pictures of stools and tables. I haven't found any plans for a chair but there may be one out there. From looking at these you may get some ideas. It appears they are glued together.

By Robin (Guest Post)10/22/2006

My boyfriend had a soda can rocking chair when he was little. It ment a lot to him. I'd love to make/give him one for christmas, but I haven't been able to find one.
Please help if you know where I might find one!
Thank you greatly!

By pegasus (Guest Post)02/20/2006

I saw a rocking chair made from a pop can years ago now I cant find how to make it can anyone help

By Patricia04/10/2005

here is a book you can order:
I have not read it so cannot recommend it personally but it's worth a try. Also, try these links:

Good luck
pal12345 (patricia)

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