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Game Ideas for 2nd Birthday Party

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My son is turning 2 in about a week, his birthday theme is cars. All I'm missing is the games for the kids, most of them are going to be around his age. I don't know what games they should play?

By Yessica


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By Louise B. [4]10/12/2010

Most two year olds are not very good at group games. Some might play with older kids, but if your guests are all about 2, I hope you don't have very many of them. Something really simple like Duck, Duck, Goose might work. I think I would take them to a playground and let them play on the equipment, or someplace like a McDonald's with those ball pits.

Realistically, maybe you should just let them play with toys. How about they all get a couple little cars right off the bat, and just let them play roads and stuff in the dirt. Presents, eat, cake, and that's it. You might try making balloon animals. I have done that at parties.


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Archive: Game Ideas for 2nd Birthday Party

My daughter is turning two early next month! We are having a Mickey Mouse party for her, because she loves Mickey! I am in need of fun (frugal) games that children, ages 2-10 can all play. Any help would be very helpful.

Monica from Colorado Springs

RE: Game Ideas for 2nd Birthday Party

Musical chairs is a great cheap game that kids of all ages love. (02/20/2008)

By sardonyx

RE: Game Ideas for 2nd Birthday Party

  • Pin the tail on Mickey
  • Duck Duck Goose
  • treasure hunt
  • Statues...where everyone dances to music, and when the music stops, they have to freeze. anyone moving is out.

By aussiecook

RE: Game Ideas for 2nd Birthday Party

What about, bean bag toss? Take a box tape it shut, cut hole in center decorate box to your liking. Then take 3 old white socks (little kid socks work best) fill them with rice tie off ends with rubber bands decorate them if you like with markers, etc. to fit your party theme, and have fun!

Duck pond - even on the inside in the winter this is fun to play. Take any small tub or plastic basin fill half way with water put in any matching plastic toys that float like rubber duckies. Put numbers on the bottom of each or a mark say like Mickey head drawing, dip them out with a soup ladle or fish net. Kids love it!

Bubble blowing - give them all a bubble bottle to blow. Dollar Tree has a tiny 4 pack that look like ice cream cones and are scented bubbles vanilla, chocolate, etc. (02/21/2008)

By theseamstress

RE: Game Ideas for 2nd Birthday Party

I wouldn't expect a group that diverse in age to all play together. Some organized games for the older children would be nice, and for the younger ones, just lightweight toys (large, plastic blocks, things that don't hurt too much if someone gets "bopped"). The 4 - 5s might want to vacillate between the groups. Please keep things loose. (02/21/2008)

By U*u*U

RE: Game Ideas for 2nd Birthday Party

Go to and go to "celebrations" and then click Mickey Mouse. They have recipes, decorations, and games and even invitations and thank cards that you can print out. You can go to the Dollar Store or Dollar General store and get envelopes. I usually get the brown ones for about one dollar. They have lots of ideals and games, too. Have fun. (02/21/2008)

By Barbara

RE: Game Ideas for 2nd Birthday Party

2 year olds? Have you got one really, mine wouldn't sit down to play a game. They need simple things like bubbles, balloons, streamers, music, balls, supervised waterplay, etc. (01/22/2009)

RE: Game Ideas for 2nd Birthday Party

Why not a have Mickey themed scavenger hunt? You could divide the kids into teams that included both older and younger, so the older kids can help the younger ones find clues. Watch an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse to get some ideas. (01/26/2009)

By adamsa0

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