Using Moth Balls for Squirrels


Can I use moth balls to rid my garden of squirrels? If not moth balls what else is effective?

By Mabrams from FL


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By Deanj 04/08/2009

Forget the moth balls. The critters just find a new route or move them out of the way. I use a have a heart trap. I bait it with seeds. When I capture one I release it about 10 miles away from the house. it doesn't get rid of them completely but it does controll the population.

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By kathleen williams 76 1,662 04/08/2009

Moth balls do help a little, I also hang plastic bags & put foil or anything that shines in garden. Also when you see them near the garden have 2 empty cans handy, like corn & etc, beat the bottoms of the cans together. It sounds like a gun. They will run, want stay near the garden, good luck.

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By Janet 11 717 04/13/2009

A friend uses this idea. It works, but it is very hard on the squirrels! He uses a large metal container filled with water. He puts some peanut butter on a frisbee & floats it in the center of the container. When the squirrels jump onto the frisbee, they drown. If you think of squirrels as rodents, & think of how much damage they can do if they ever get into your house, this method can be understood. I would rather use a have a heart trap, but then you have to bring the squirrel somewhere & release them. I am afraid of squirrels. I know also that they can be rabid. Please no comments on how awful this method is! I agree.

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By Louise B. 6 2,508 04/17/2009

Moth balls are very toxic, and smell awful -- even outside. I tried to use them to keep stray cats out from under my deck. Believe me, I would have rather have had the stray cats and their deposits than the mothballs.

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