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Selling Books at Your Yard Sale

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If you have lots and lots of books to sell at your yard sale, rather than letting them sell for .25 cents each. Put a pail or small bucket nearby so your shoppers can use as a shopping cart and then sell the bucket load for a bigger price, say $2-$3 minus the bucket (keep that for fellow shoppers). If this does well at your sale, word of mouth gets around with shopper and readers alike, you'll have a better and better clientele with each sale.

By Terri


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By Kim [1]04/02/2008

a book bag sale
bag some great books!!!
3.00 a bag or how much you wanna price it
i was at a thrift store they had 5 dollar book sale i bagged it double we got 53 childrens books fro 5 $$ and 2 were hard bound harry potter books!!!! amazing!!!

By Michael Ruger [19]08/11/2006

My way of losing surplus books at my yard sales is to tie the books in FREE with each purchase of something else.
Oh. I say a free book with each purchase but if they asked nice they will get more.
Books To Me Deserve To Be Read
Mr. Thrifty

By Ariela [31]03/11/2006

Used books can also be donated to nursing homes or Assisted living centers. They may have librarys, if so the residents participate in the sorting and placement of books. It helps occupy their time. Something to think about. :)

By Katie [13]03/11/2006

That is a great idea for yard sales :)

Another great place to donate your old books to is a school library...most schools have a limited budget and this helps a lot. I guess it depends on the type of book as well. One of my old schools (it was small) used many of my old books.

By Donna (Guest Post)01/30/2006

Leftover books from your yard sale can be dropped off at your local Armory to be sent overseas to the troops, or deliver them to your local library. Any other items that you think might be useful for the troops are usually welcomed at the Armory as well.

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