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Frugal Ways To Hang Curtains

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I need some ideas for thrifty curtain rods.

Teacups95 from Fort Wayne, IN



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By Josh01/21/2011

So after looking at these and other comments and suggestions, I was searching my house for something fun to hang up my curtains with. I didn't have a lot of money or tools to make some of these ideas work. So I searched my house for something, I wasn't sure what but I knew I would find it eventually. I was looking out in my back shed for a tool (for a different project) and it hit me, literally. Well I tripped over it, it was a golf club. I looked at it and saw I had an old set of golf clubs just sitting here. I looked at the length and It was perfect!I ran to the store bought some silver J-hooks (for about $2.00) from Wal-mart screwed them in. They were the Medium sized ones, not small nor the HUGE hooks. About the size of a quarter. Then I slid the golf club through the holes and placed it on/through the J-hooks. One helpful hint, make sure the side with the handle of the club is not quiet screwed in all the way or it will not fit. Good luck!

By Jo (Guest Post)01/29/2008

Check with your local realtors. Sometimes when homes are taken back by the bank or auctioned and a lot of time just b/c people don't want to take them when they move, curtains are left behind. Usually, when the repair crews come in, the old curtains and rods get tossed. A lot of them will have no problem with you taking them for yourself. I just got brand new rods and curtains from a house like that.

By (Guest Post)08/03/2007

I have a swag hung by a small grapevine wreath in each corner of the window. I decorated the wreaths with only a bow.

By Kim Churchman [3]08/02/2007

the most beautiful curtain rods I ever saw were made by my stepDad in Norway. he simply walked into the meadow behind the house and selected a fairly straight birch sapling, and cut the branches off leaving a couple of inches attached to the main stem, just for a spiky look. He dried it over the woodstove, sanded it a bit without removing the bark, and my Mom sewed extra-roomy tabs on the top of the curtains. It looks so awesome and natural, and didn't cost a speck.

By Sheryl [1]08/02/2007

I've used PVC pipe down the plumbing aisle. I've also made my own brackets from this department too, with angles, etc. to mount right into the wall. Cheap and who knows the difference? I've then bought cheap finials, painted them and place then in the end if the PVC pipe.

Also, you can use a branch - looks nice in a boy's room.

By Paula Jo Carr (Guest Post)08/02/2007

Feed "dental floss" through the opening of a top sheet, use "eye hooks" to tie off the sides on either side of the window by screwing them into the wall.

I have done this so I know it works. The fabric of course covers the window completely as an eye hook isn't but so deep in depth causing the fabric not to stand out from the window but rather it lies flush to the wall.

Depending on how tight you pull the dental floss to tie off the sheet determines how tight & straight the sheet will hang.

Good Luck!

By Regina Arlauckas [26]08/01/2007

The most expensive part of a curtain rod is usually the brackets - so even if you make your own rod, getting some kind of bracket to attach it to the wall will add expense.

Your most inexpensive option is a tension rod -they are usually only around $2 or so. If you have a wide window, look at a shower rod.

Another option - if you don't have heavy curtains and don't need to open and close them too much, is to just thumbtack them about 1-2 inches apart along the top of the window frame, then pull them to one side and tie back to open.

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Archive: Frugal Way To Hang Curtains

I was at Home Depot with a friend today and I found a less expensive solution for hanging curtains. While in the plumbing aisle, I spotted some Copper Plated, Galvanized and PVC 2-Hole Clips in various sizes. I realized that instead of spending the usual $5+ in my local closeout store on each set of curtain rods, I could screw 2 of those clips above my windows and then just buy dowels (or pvc piping) to hang my curtains from. My friend thought it was a good idea so I thought I'd share it here.

By gypsyartist from North Adams, MA

RE: Frugal Way To Hang Curtains

I found that tablecloths work great as curtains. In the window covering department, you can find clips that you can use to hang the tablecloths from the curtain rod. You can get the extra long tablecloths for an elegant look and still pay less than you would for a smaller size curtain. (07/25/2007)

By ILikeToSave2

RE: Frugal Way To Hang Curtains

So right you are about using tablecloths as curtains! I just found 2 very nice extra long off-white linen tablecloths for $2 each and hung them up with those clips (2 packs were on clearance for $2.50 each). They look fabulous since they really let the sunlight in. I previously paid $8-12 for curtain sets... it's a major savings! (07/29/2007)

By gypsyartist