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How Can I Make Flat Latex Ceiling Paint Whiter or Brighter?

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What can you add to white ceiling, flat latex paint to make whiter or brighter? Do they sell tubes of titanium white that will work with latex base paints?

By Ronald from New York City


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By Louise B. [5]04/22/2011

I don't believe there is anything you can add. If you want "brighter" as in shinier, you need to get a semi-gloss or gloss to begin with, which is not what most people want on their ceiling. If you want "whiter" paint, then you buy the whitest color that you can get. Most white paints for houses are slightly off white, grey or beige or even blue or pink. But you can get absolutely white if you want it. You cannot, however, take a tinted paint, and make it whiter.

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