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String Easter Eggs

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Why does no one have a picture of the string Easter eggs? How much string do I use? How much of the balloon should be covered? Does anyone have pictures for this craft?

Barb from Weidman, MI



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By Carol Dickinson03/16/2009

I made these many years ago with sugar water. I wouldn't recommend it. The first year it went great - the next brought 100 bazillion ants. I was looking on here to see if anyone uses starch and I see they do. I will do that. But yes, get yellow, pink, or whatever color crochet thread from a craft store and blow up a balloon to whatever size you want it and start wrapping, criss crossing the thread in every direction (it will look like one of those old string designs people used to make) until you use all the ball, or until you get tired and decide that's the perfect amount. Dip it all in starch - not sugar water (LOL) - and sit it in the bathtub to dry over a pan or whatever. Then when it's dry pop the balloon with a pin and pull it out. Figure out how you want to set the thing on a table as a candy dish and squish the bottom down flat so it sits. Cut out an oval on front. Put glue around the edges you've just cut, and glue on lace and bows if you want. Put Easter grass inside and fill with candy. It's really kind of fun to do with or for kids and looks very pretty.

By Debra from Colorado [8]03/07/2009

There are directions for this craft under Lacy Easter Eggs on Thrifty fun. The article has pictures also.

By Linda Smith [4]03/05/2009

I purchase a bottle of liquid starch and a ball of crochet string. I fill a Ziploc baggie with the starch and place the ball of string in it and place both in a cereal bowl. I let it sit for 3-4 days and keep turning the ball of string in the bag until it is saturated all the way through to the core. I blow up a balloon to the size I want. Now comes the messy part, place newspaper on the table and the floor, this is going to get real sticky! I wrap the balloon with the whole ball of string, squeezing some of the liquid down the string as I go. I take the ball of string out of the bag and place it in the bowl, stand on a chair and wrap the balloon until the whole ball is wrapped around the balloon. I then place newspaper down where I'm going to set the eggs to dry, this will take 3-4 days. I then place the balloon lightly in the top of a drinking glass (fat side of the balloon in the glass first), so it retains it's shape and as it dries I turn it around and upside down. After 3-4 days I remove it from the glass. You will find that the balloon inside will shrink, just pop it slowly and remove it. You can then draw the shape you wish to cut out on the egg with a marker and cut it out. Hope this helps! I just love to make these! Enjoy.

By Robin Brady [4]03/04/2009

When I was in elementary school in the 1960's, we also made paper mache made with pretty colored paper or tissue paper over balloons. After it dried, we cut out the side and made a scene inside like a sugar egg.


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Archive: String Easter Eggs

I am looking for instructions on how to make string Easter eggs. You use embroidery floss, starch, and a small balloon. Can anyone help me with instructions?

Sandy from Moose Lake, MN

RE: String Easter Eggs

To make String Easter Eggs, you will need liquid starch, CROCHET thread, a balloon and a pan to catch the starch. Blow up the balloon to the desired size and tie the top two times. Take the end of the crochet thread and tie it to the top of the balloon. Start winding the crochet thread around the balloon in all directions until you have used up all the thread. Tie the end to the top of the balloon. Pour the liquid starch on the balloon, making sure you have your pan underneath to catch the dripping starch. Saturate the balloon and use your hands to make sure all the thread is covered in starch. Hang to dry for about a day, making sure you have a pan underneath the hanging egg to catch the starch. As the starch hardens, the balloon will shrink some, but it should not pop.The bottom will be the last to dry. When the starch is completely dry, pop the balloon. Gently, press the bottom on a flat surface so the egg will set straight. With scissors, cut a hole in the side of the egg in an oval shape. Decorate with lace, flowers, etc., using hot glue. Put some Easter grass in the bottom and glue curly ribbon to the top. Enjoy! Happy Easter! P.S. If your egg "flops", just put another balloon inside, with the top of the balloon at the top of the egg and blow up and re-starch! If you have already cut a hole in the side of the balloon, don't despair, this will work, too! This time, let it dry COMPLETELY!!! (03/09/2006)


RE: String Easter Eggs

When I make them I just put the starch in a bowl and dip the string in the starch and apply to the balloon. A couple of ideas also are: 1. If you draw a circle on the balloon close to the bottom with marker. When you apply the string don't put any in the circle area. When you are done and the balloon is dry, you now have an opening for a small toy or egg. 2. Use a ring from a sealer jar, glue some lace on to it and you have a stand for your egg. (03/10/2006)


RE: String Easter Eggs

My mom used to make these years ago. She would use sugar, not starch. Cook the sugar/water mix (maybe look up the ratios on a cooking site) to a soft crack stage. Let cool until just warm, and dip the string covered balloons. She used crochet thread for pretty colors.We always cut the opening after the eggs were dry. We would hang them over a cookie sheet by the balloon tie end to drip. It makes a nice crystalline look. One problem, though. I can remember my little sister licking them. Happy Easter! MD (03/10/2006)

By mistressdevine50

RE: String Easter Eggs

When I made these with my girls we used Elmer's Glue and just thinned it with a little water. I also used balloons and crochet thread. I still have some we made 20-23 years ago. (03/10/2006)

By Conni.

RE: String Easter Eggs

I just use the plastic eggs that you open to put candy in. When I open them, I insert dental floss, and then close it on the floss. (It stays!) Then I tie the other end to the branches and shrubs and hide candy, small trinkets, and coins inside. Happy Easter! (03/11/2006)


RE: String Easter Eggs



RE: String Easter Eggs

There are instructions for this craft at this link. (03/31/2006)


RE: String Easter Eggs

Hi, first you wrap your balloon with string usually one ball of string per balloon. You go up and down on the balloon then wrap around sideways, then finish going up and down again that away string is in all directions and sticks well after being dipped. You want to wrap about 5 at a time depending on how many you wanna make. Then you want to get a big pan and mix your sugar. I use 1 cup sugar to 2 cups of water. Heat your sugar on stove on medium heat till warm and all sugar is dissolved ,sugar should be a thick syrupy texture, let cool then pour in sink or something big enough to roll your balloon around in. Make sure you soak your string wrapped balloon , be careful as sugar starts to crystallize and may pop balloon. Then you want to hang them to dry for about 24 hours until they become hard. To hang, tie a piece of string under knot on top of balloon. They can be very messy so you have to put plastic down to catch sugar. (11/07/2007)

By shannon

Archive: String Easter Eggs

Could you please send me how to make Easter eggs out of string and balloons?

Judy from Climax, NC

RE: String Easter Eggs

Use either liquid starch or cooked starch, blow up balloon, them dip string in starch and wrap around the balloon, let dry them prick with a pin, then cut out center. (03/13/2008)

By kakalina

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