Do Fleas Jump Off of Pets After Treatment?


When a pet is given the first dose of Advantage or Revolution, do the fleas jump off the pet and into the environment? Or do the fleas die from the chemicals? I am asking this because I'm wondering if I should put the cat outside for a while? Is it okay for it to sleep on my bed right after giving the dose? I don't want the fleas to jump off of my cat and onto my sheets!

By Cyinda from the WA


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By merlene smith 4 311 05/26/2010

I have never observed fleas jumping off my dog from a treatment of Advantix. However, they do jump off the dog onto beds, couches, rugs, etc. before the treatment. That's often how I found out the dog had fleas. I guess it's that time of year again :(

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By Lee Taylor 15 426 05/27/2010

No, the fleas don't jump off after the treatment.

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By Lizzyanny 9 1,216 05/31/2010

No, they dont jump off. They may fall off when they die, but I never saw any. I did notice that any fleas living in my carpet jumped onto the cat and died also. Any hatching fleas died the dame way. I know I had fleas in my carpet when I treated the cat and I havent seen any for 3 years now (indoor cats). I never had to treat again.

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