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Identifying a Very Small Silverfish Like Bug


I found tiny worm like microscopic silverfish on my sheets today. They are about the size of the hyphen on the keyboard, some are clear and gray and some are reddish brown. They looked like dust until you shine a light on them and look closer to see them wiggle and squirm. If you disturb them they roll up into a ball.

I used tweezers to put them in a plastic container until I could identify them. What are they? Where did they come from and how do I make sure they go away? I can't sleep thinking they might be getting on me.

By Mel from Houston, TX


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By Angie 19 12/13/2009 Flag

It sounds to me like the beginnings of a moth. They often look tiny lines or threads and can be different shades e.g. white, brown, brown lines, red, depending on what they've been eating!

I've had moth epidemics in my home and have gotten used to seeing them. Usually those tiny things grow and then shed the outer layer. Vacuum them up if you can and do a hot wash.

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By KL 3 554 12/13/2009 Flag

Ugh! Bugs are bad enough but when they are in your bed that is even worse!
If no one here has an answer you might check out the following sites:

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By kathleen williams 76 1,661 12/13/2009 Flag

Sprinkle Borax all over the house, behind beds & etc. It will kill all kind of insects, good luck.

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