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Marching Band Centerpiece Ideas

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Marching Band Centerpiece

Part of planning for a school banquet is creating the table centerpieces to reflect the group being honored. This is a guide about marching band centerpiece ideas.



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Question: Marching Band Centerpiece for Year End Banquet

We are planning the year end banquet/band concert for our High School Marching Band. I really need a special centerpiece for each table that the seniors can take home with them. Our budget is limited but I can get enough parent support to make the centerpieces ourselves. I can't seem to find that "special" idea. Please help.



Most Recent Answer

By CharliG05/16/2011

Styrfoam base, with red plastic /fabric roses, old shako and plume (from Band Storage area) we also pinned on a piece of film strip border from ( and at the banquet, used copies of the marching show sheet music on tables. the stand up item is a "faux" candle holder, made of a sheet of white paper, a transparency, ran through ink jet printer, the ink wouldn't stay so dusted on a layer of embossing powder and heated for a thick shiny finish. At night, with an electric votive under, looked wonderful.

RE: Marching Band Centerpiece for Year End Banquet

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