Organizing Sewing Projects


I have recently made up my mind that I really need to organize my sewing/crafting room. It looks like a cyclone has gone through it LOL! Any way, this is what I have started with:

I bought some XL Ziploc bags and have some gallon size as well. My plan is to gather up all of my different projects that I have bought supplies and patterns for and bag each one. I may even label the bags for future reference.

Next I plan to hang the bags on those hangers that have those "pinch" clips on them and keep them in my closet until ready to work on. This should clear up a lot of space and allow me much more flexibility when sewing and/or crafting.

By Judy from Birmingham, AL



By Judy Two Dogs (Guest Post) 08/02/2006

Save the clear plastic zippered cases that blankets, tablecloths, or sheet sets come in and you have a see through organizer for sewing and craft projects.

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By Mary (Guest Post) 08/02/2006

My summer goal is to organize my sewing room. So far I've found 3 pairs of pants and a top that I forgot I even had- they need hemming and were buried under things ..... wonder what treasures I"ll come up with today! I'm using large plastic totes to put things it- one for all the yarn I"ve accumulated, one for pieces of felt I was given, one for ribbons.... my sister calls me a packrat- she could be right.

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By Laura Tarasoff 31 08/02/2006

Good idea.
Put the date you hang it up on the bag. How long are you willing to "hang" on to it?

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By Lisa (Guest Post) 08/04/2006

Did everyone know that you can purchase 2 gallon bags with zipper closure at local Target stores? They are sturdy and great for yarn balls or to protect organize fabric squares or scrapbook items. Hope it helps

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