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12 Year Old Girls Birthday Party Ideas

I need ideas for my daughter's 12th birthday party.

Tyieshaka from Houston, TX


12 Year Old Girls Birthday Party Ideas

I almost did this for my birthday but we didnt get the chance. This takes place at the mall. You invite about 8 girls. You let them all pick one person to partner up with, and give each team $10 and a disposible camera. You give them a list of things to try on or buy at a certain store. The first team to report back to the certain spot they started at wins. For lunch, you'd go to the food court and have a nice lunch! ($65 estimated to have this party). (04/04/2007)


By shannon mcninch

12 Year Old Girls Birthday Party Ideas

I'm having a New York themed party because it is my favorite place in the world. Why not try it for yours, pick your fave place. (04/07/2007)

By ashley

12 Year Old Girls Birthday Party Ideas

I thought I would tell everyone what I am doing, I also live at the beach. When we get to my house it will be 3:30 pm we will have a water balloon fight (I am inviting 6 people plus me). Around 4:15 pm we will have a tug a war in the lake. We will play video games because the boys will want to. We are gonna have pizza for supper. After supper I am gonna open my present (yay) lol. We will have cake. You can never forget the piñata so after cake we will smack open the piñata. We're gonna go down to the beach and hangout and play truth dare and stuff like that.


This is one of my favourites, we are all gonna have a silly string war outside! We are all gonna have glow sticks, we are gonna go outside and play hide and go seek in the dark and play murder tag! We will probably take showers because everyone will be sweaty and dirty (yuck). We will eat popcorn, watch movies, have pop and eat chips and talk for the rest of the night. The first person to fall asleep will get drawn on!

THE NEXT DAY! we will probably sleep till 11:30 am we will have bacon, eggs, hashbrowns and pancakes for breakfast. After breakfast we will go outside and hang out do what ever! I will give everybody loot bags! then we will take everyone home in a limo! STUFF NEEDED....piñata, Piñata stick, piñata fillers, rope, gloves, chips pop popcorn, loot bags, plates, napkins and cups, pizza, bacon.eggs, hashbrowns, pancakes, silly string, cake and movies!! This may seem hard but it will be the best b-day party your daughter ever had!! (04/23/2007)


By Nicole

12 Year Old Girls Birthday Party Ideas

My 12th birthday is coming up soon, (one and a half months to be exact) and me and my mother are going crazy trying to plan it. I first planned on renting out a WHOLE bowling alley & sleeping over there with all my friends, but when my mother said it would cost more than $5,000 dollars (and she know this because she worked at one until last Thursday, because she quit), we thought of more ideas. I wanted to have the following:

-sleepover somewhere other than my house
-people to wait on us
-a place that could hold many people
-and maybe a pool

Me and my mom finally decided to have my party at our local 4/5 star hotel. It is very inexpensive compared to my bowling alley idea, and with connecting rooms (or a VERY large suite) I could have the best party ever! We're still in the planning stages, but I think this will top the rest of my parties by far!


Last Year's Party:
Held at Clementon Park (our local water/amusement park). We drove 6 of my friends to the waterpark and then rode rides for about 2 or 3 hours! When we went home we just chilled out in my basement (which my parents use as a sports bar with 12 tv's). It was great, but I want to top it! (05/19/2007)

By September

My party

Those are all great ideas, but mine is better. I am going to have a blacklight with blank or old cd's hanging up all over the place (it makes it glow better). I'll ask my dad to make a few cd's with the cooliest jams from 2007. Well have pizza, soda, candy, chips, etc. My cakle is going to be an ice cream cake with either buttercream topping or whipped topping. Then later on we will go outside and play water balloon volleyball. Also when it gets dark we will play flash light tag and hide-and-go-seek. Then we will come back in, have girl talk and who ever falls asleep first gets stuff like their hand dipped in warm water so they'll have to pee..LOL stuff like that done to them. Then some time that night we will decorate t-shirts and I will have a backround decorated so my friends can take pictures with me in their pj's clothes etc. Well that is my 13 b-day party plan.. (05/28/2007)


By Lindsey

12 Year Old Girls Birthday Party Ideas

You could do a blind folded pie-in -the- face game where you fill aluminum pans with whipped cream and you put at blindfold on and try to hit the birthday girl with the pie. Hope this gets the birthday gears running in your head. (06/29/2007)

By Bigfoot

12 Year Old Girls Birthday Party Ideas

I'm turning 12 soon. I like the idea of inviting 1 or 2 of your best buds and going to a really nice spa or something. If you invite less people you can do more expensive stuff. Seriously you should try it.

Kelsie (06/30/2007)

By Kelsie

12 Year Old Girls Birthday Party Ideas

I am turning 12. I am havin a pink party. I'm inviting 5 friends plus me and we all have to wear pink! We are sleeping in our pink decorated trailor outside and we are goin to rent tons of movies, play volleyball, and eat cotton candy and pizza! I'm so excited! (07/02/2007)


By marissa

12 Year Old Girls Birthday Party Ideas

I think a really good idea would be to take them to a hotel and order room service. Make sure that the hotel you book has a pool becuase that can keep girls entertained for hours. After their done with the pool you can take them back up to your room and play games/open up presents. (07/13/2007)


Chocolate Party

I am turning 12 in half a year about. I still have to think early about my party. I live near a club house. I thought maybe we could rent the club house. I love chocolate so maybe i could have a chocolate fountain, hot chocolate, and have chocolate bars. The cake would be chocolate. My balloons would be brown and white. Of course we will have music and dance but i thought that the theme choclate was different from everyone's else. :) and that is a good thing. (07/14/2007)

By Breanna

heres what my mom did 4 me....

My mom waited to have my birthday sleepover until halloween and decorated my whole house like a haunted house. It was so awesome. I loved it. She bought all her stuff from Oriental Trading. (07/31/2007)

By shelby

12 Year Old Girls Birthday Party Ideas

I think that you should have an artsy party where you make like crafts and other different fun activities. You could do tie-die, decorate picture frames. sounds fun! (08/01/2007)

By jill

12 Year Old Girls Birthday Party Ideas

Anyone who has No idea what to do here's a few Ideas;
* Contact your local gym and have a gymnastics party
* A colour theme like everyone and everything has to be blue
* Movie party, rent heaps of films and get lots of snacks
* Slumber party and have heaps of games
* Have a pool party and after a sleepover
Hope that gave u a few ideas (09/24/2007)

By Rachel

12 Year Old Girls Birthday Party Ideas

Have kids come in costume but don't tell.

Do a Scanvenger hunt:
Copy list for each team, in different order. 3 girls/team is plenty!


We start at 1:30pm. You must return to the starting area by 3:00pm!
- You have 1.5 hours to complete as many items that you can.
- Each item is worth 1 point - total of 50 points - team with most points wins.
- Guide holds list, camera, $15-20 per kid, carnation, pen, paper.
- If a team is late, for every 5 minutes, 2 points will be deducted. Returning 15 minutes late will cost 10 points.
- 1 - cell / 2 - / 3 -


1. ___ a volleyball
2. ___ an apple
3. ___ give a cute boy the carnation & sing to him!
4. ___ kid making a funny face
5. ___ Monogrammed clothing item
6. ___ one of you in a chair (no food court)
7. ___ one of you modeling a pair of 5" heels
8. ___ one of you modeling slippers
9. ___ Person eating ice cream
10. ___ pink shoes
11. ___ shampoo priced over $7
12. ___ team in an elevator
13. ___ team in funny hats
14. ___ team picture on an escalator
15. ___ team picture with boas
16. ___ Team posing w/ a mannequin
17. ___ team trying on cool shades
18. ___ team with a pumpkin

PURCHASE PER PERSON (each/team-remember - you only have $15 each!)

1. ___ a cookie
2. ___ a pair of cool socks
3. ___ bath/body gel or lotion
4. ___ bottle of nail polish
5. ___ candle
6. ___ candy bar
7. ___ glitter pen
8. ___ hair clip
9. ___ lip gloss
10. ___ necklace or earrings
11. ___ pencil
12. ___ wrapper of McDs dollar menu item


1. ___ #3 song in Top 10 list
2. ___ 2 business cards
3. ___ 2 Plastic bags from store (with logo)
4. ___ 3 burger king hats (wear them!)
5. ___ 3 take-out menus
6. ___ A Manager's name/store
7. ___ ATM envelope
8. ___ balloon
9. ___ bandaid
10. ___ bobby pin
11. ___ coffee stir
12. ___ comb
13. ___ Credit card application
14. ___ discarded receipt totaling over $5
15. ___ discount coupon
16. ___ Job Application sheet
17. ___ name all movies playing in theatre
18. ___ pack of crayons
19. ___ paper clip
20. ___ sales flyer


By lori

12 Year Old Girls Birthday Party Ideas

hey, my 12th birthday is in 7 days (december 1st) and i thought of some great party games. 1. Dress N' the Dark; you go in a room(lights off) with clothes everywhere. you have 2 min. to put on an outfit in the dark. The girl with the best outfit wins! 2. Blindfold beauty; you get a partner and one of you gets your makeup done, but there is a twist. Your partner will do your makeup blindfolded. You (the one getting your makeup done) will have to instruct your partner. The team with the best makeup job wins. 3. Packed Purse; everyone brings a purse to the party. You call out objects ex. gum,lip gloss, pen. Whoever has the most of them in their purse wins! (11/23/2007)

By chloe

12 Year Old Girls Birthday Party Ideas

Okay, I have a few REALLY AWESOME IDEAS! First, there's this really fun game called pin your lips on the hottie! it's like pin the tail on the donkey except you find a really hot guy celebrity poster and you tape it on the wall... every girl (i'm having 8) will put dark red lipstick on and try to pin their lips on his! Next is just like an iron chef contest, get some ingredients and see who can make the best out of them! Last but not least is I HATE SKITTLES (the game), get a bag of skittles and put em' in a big bowl, pass them around and every person has to grab two. If they match in color then you can eat them but if not you have to let them sit in your mouth (no chewing, swallowing, or sucking) til' your next turn. They will keep adding up in your mouth til' you finally get a colored pair THEN YOU SWALLOW THEM ALL! My party is soon and I'm turning 12 and I think these ideas will work! (11/24/2007)

By Jessica

12 Year Old Girls Birthday Party Ideas

OK Girls here is what you do. My daughter is having her 12th B-day party and I'm taking her and her friends to The Pottery Patch. They will do ceramics. I did this with my Niece already so I do know the Girls love it. They get to pick out their piece of pottery or ceramic they want and they get to paint it. When it's all finished being Baked or Fired in a couple of days, I pick up the pieces they made and give it to them but, while your there at the place you can have your food and drinks and unwrap gifts and CAKE at The Pottery Patch. THEY LOVED IT! (12/02/2007)

By Just a MOM

12 Year Old Girls Birthday Party Ideas

It might be fun to put on really bad makeup and play the kissy poster game. What you do is get a poster of a celebrity and tape it to the wall and have the girls put a blindfold on and put bright red lipstick on and try to kiss the celebrity on the lips. (12/29/2007)

By me

12 Year Old Girls Birthday Party Ideas

I'm havin my 12 b-day soon and I might have a 'Little Kid's' style party. It could have a Pooh Bear theme, play musical chairs, ring around the rosie and all that fun stuff. Hope I helped! (01/16/2008)

By tikikiki

12 Year Old Girls Birthday Party Ideas

I am going to be 12 in September so a long way away but I am SO SO excited I am already planning! Last year I did a sleepover but first we just hung out and played. We then had pizza! Then we did a bigger and better scavenger hunt where we went outside to the neighborhood and there were 2 teams. One team got one side of the street and then other team got a different side. We then went to peoples doors and asked if they had anything bigger than what we were carrying. For Example, my mom gave us each a paperclip to start and then we asked if anyone had something bigger than the paperclip. We got a can of flowers at one of the houses and at the next house they gave us an even bigger wreath and we gave them the can of flowers.

We then came back to my house and it was already night time. So then we opened presents. We set our sleeping bags and beds up and then watched unaccompanied minors! We stayed up 'til about 3-4! Tired the next day!

This year I am inviting about 15 girls and I am going to either do one of these ides? (please comment and tell me which one)

1)America's Next Top Model- We would go shopping to get accessories and then come back to my house to get pictures taken by a photographer around my town

2) Amazing Race- Split in to groups and play the original Amazing Race game around town in teams!

3) Laser tag- Everyone does it...yet everyone LOVES IT!

4) Go to the city and go swimming at the beach and out to lunch.

5) Scavenger Hunt at a shopping mall- For example, take cameras and take a picture of a cute boy, or someone picking there nose.

By Anonymous!!!

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