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14 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

My soon to be 14 year old daughter wants to have her birthday party at home - again. Last year we had pizza, they hung out and after the boys left, the girls watched movies during the sleep over. This year my daughter wants the same. About 8 girls and 6 boys. Any suggestions for activities? They may not want to do anything that I plan, but I want to have a few things available. Pictionary maybe? Thanks for any ideas.


Ann4 from Mint Hill


14 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

I have some great ideas for a teenage birthday. If you have a big yard set up things in and all around your place. You could do things like... Frozen shirts, whipped cream and bubble gum, cheese balls and shaving cream (you have to put shaving cream on somebody's face then have another person try to throw them on the face of the other person). You could also do a balloon pop where you get like a kiddie pool full of balloons and you put names or something inside of the balloon so the person knows where to go. (02/25/2008)

By Ericka

14 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

Hey. For my party last year, I got a bunch of friends together and we went to the thrift store. We all had a partner and then we picked out insane crazy outfits for each other, so we looked ridiculous. Then I waited until late and we went Rock n Bowling in our outfits. It was really fun because everyone was looking at you. Yeah, it was a blast. :)



By Taylor

14 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

For my 13th birthday I invited some friends (max. 6) and we went out to eat, then stayed in a fancy hotel. It was so much fun. After we checked out of the hotel, we went to the mall and just walked around and shopped a little, we all had a blast! (03/04/2008)

By Bridget

14 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

  • Mystery birthday (fake CSI)
  • Dance party
  • Scavenger hunt at the mall/ or in house
  • Skate city
  • Sleepover
  • Movie night
  • Limo bowling party
  • Spa party
  • Hotel party


    By Brooke

    14 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

    I'm a soon to be 14 year old girl. Get a scary movie (make sure you have lots of popcorn!) for the girls and boys to watch, nothing will happen but it would give your daughter a chance to flirt with her crush ; P Bet your daughter would love you! Make sure you're there too every once in a while to check up and make sure everything is ok and nothing bad is going on. Order a large pepperoni pizza and eat before the movie. Afterward, have a build your own Sundae type station just have a lot of toppings and vanilla ice cream, this is also fairly cheap.


    You could open presents and say good bye to the boys. After that the girls could all sleep over. They could do each others make up and hair then make your own face masks with avocado and take wacky pictures :) And they can stay up late and gossip. Make sure the party starts close to when it's dark, cause watching a scary movie in the light isn't very fun. Make sure bedrooms are off limits. (04/11/2008)

    By christina

    14 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

    Worm in a Pie: Have a pie dish and put whipped cream in it. Then plop a gummy worm into the cream and cover it up. The players have to find the worm and grab it in their teeth using only their mouth, no hands.

    Doughnut in a Tree: Tie a doughnut with string to the branch of a tree. Again, using only your mouth you must eat the whole doughnut. Whoever eats the whole thing first wins.


    Clothes Game: First get a bag full of different funny clothes including hats, shirts, swim suit tops and, skirts, coats etc. Then have all players sit in a circle. With music playing they pass the bag around until the music stops. When the music stops the player who has the bag has to close their eyes and reach into the bag. Whatever they pull out they have to wear. When the bag is empty, everyone votes to determine who looks the funniest!

    Balloon Dares: Before everyone comes, write dares on scraps of papers like act like a monkey, or eat a spoonful of mustard, and fold up the papers so that it's really tiny and you can't see what's in them then put them in un-inflated balloons and blow them up and tie them. When the guests come, let them go choose a balloon, and, one at a time, they go up and sit on the balloon to make it pop, then they have to do whatever it says on the paper!



    By sarah

    14 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

    Go out to eat at a Japanese steak house, then go shopping, then go to a movie. (04/16/2008)

    By Michaela

    14 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

    I think that you should have an Indian party or a Luau. I had a luau for my birthday and it was awesome. All of the girls had on swimsuits and grass skirts with flower necklaces. The boys had on Hawaiian shirts and swim trunks.
    Every drink and piece of food we had was Hawaiian. The games were even better. There was one game where you had to guess your name in Hawaiian. I hope this helped you. (04/20/2008)

    By Lin

    14 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

    Alright I'm turning fourteen in a month and I'm not sure exactly what I'm doing but I'm thinking of a classic sleepover - nail painting, hair doing, movie and a pizza kind of thing. Simple but works till your twenty. Here's some advice for the rest of you.


    1. Don't pick a theme for your party if it's a guy/girl. Stick with color combinations.

    2. Pictionary doesn't work past thirteen or any game for that matter. A girl last year had Yahtzee at her party and it turned into a dice fight between the guys. Chairs were stacked to make forts and everything. Pretty bad.

    3. M&M's are the worst food at a party with guys. At a Christmas party, green and red M&M's is just reliving the dice experience.

    4. If you need party ideas for things to do at you home, look around. -a. if you have a big screen TV, have a movie party. -b. if you have a place to have a fire, roast marshmallows. -c. barbecue pit= barbecue dinner.

    5. Avoid games like 7 minutes in heaven and spin the bottle! (It can create problems with jealousy).

    6. If your birthday is in the summer, you should definitely have a pool party. If you don't have a pool in your backyard, go to your community pool.

    7. Don't have a dance party if everyone doesn't like the same music. People will just get bored.

    8. If you're going to the movies with more than seven people, it's a bad idea. Too many people there isn't fun, same for going to restaurants. If you really wanna do it, only pick your closest friends.

    9. Almost forgot to put above, the best game of all time is Twister.

    10. Some of you were talking about a shaving cream fight, one of my friends did something like that. It was also like a relay race. We had to run across her yard, stick our face in a giant plate of whip cream, find the piece of bubble gum, blow a bubble, then the person on that end had to run down to the other end, jumping over obstacles on the way. At the end we just kind of started a whip cream fight. It was so fun! Hope this helps. =] (04/21/2008)

    By Alexis

    14 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

    I have some ideas. I'm turning 14 in 2 weeks and I'm going crazy trying to come up with games for my party. I finally came up with/or actually remembered a few ideas:

    1) If you have a big group, get an empty, large, plastic, trash can and turn it upside down. Everyone gets in a circle holding hands. Everyone starts trying to make someone touch the trash can. Once you touch it you are out. So, dodge the trash can at all cost.

    2)Remote control car. Get into groups of three. Two people are blindfolded, one isn't. Get into a straight line, one person behind the other, and the person in back (he/she isn't blind folded) taps different areas of the next person's back in order for that person to know what's going on. The one with their back being touched yells forward, back, left, right, and maybe pick up the object. The person who is in front is listening to the yeller's a car getting signals from a remote control. The person is the non blindfolded. Make sure to take turns watching. The watchers place objects that the car needs to find in random areas. It's very funny to watch those who play as cars. They may do crazy things while trying to find the object. So, that's all for now. I'll come back with more later.

    By M. J.

    14 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

    It's my daughter's birthday party this week and we are actually doing a sleepover. They're arriving at 4:00 PM in their casuals, where they can go play in the garden and do whatever while they are waiting for everyone to turn up. Then at 5:30 I will have dinner ready for them (Hamburgers, Smiley faces, fries, Greek & Caesar Salad). By 6 - 6:30 they will have finished dinner, and while I clean up they can go get dressed and put on their make up (they have been asked to bring formal wear and their cameras, if they have one - but it is not necessary). Next is the photo shoot. I will have the basement all decorated with different colored sheets tacked up, my tripod is set up and each and every one of them have an opportunity to be a model against the background while the rest of them take tons of pictures of them. To finish it off I will be taking group shots of them too.

    They can then have cake, open presents, do a movie, and sleep whenever they want to (I'll be in bed!). At some point during the evening I will have uploaded all the cameras, picked the best group shot and will frame it (pick up some really nice frames from Micheal's) for the girls as a keepsake. They're all really excited about this. Actually even I am. We always have tons of fun. (06/09/2008)

    By Linda

    14 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

    Paintball is so much fun, just do it. And laser tag is awesome. (06/18/2008)

    By LISA

    14 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

    Thanks to everyone who posted ideas! I'm planning well in advance for my next birthday party, and these ideas are awesome! (06/30/2008)

    By caitie

    14 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

    Here are some ideas that have really made the party for me over the years:

    1. Silly string- last year I used this for a bunch of 13 year olds and they absolutely loved it

    2. Sparklers at night- pick up some sparklers at the dollar store and let all of your guests light one when it gets dark and make a race out of it. Make a starting line and a finish line. Whoever gets back first running with there sparkler wins.

    3.Dance competitions- even at 14 this is still one of the biggest hits. If you have the right music that everyone likes everyone will get into it and loosen up.

    4. Frozen t-shirt game- T-Shirts are thoroughly soaked the day before and folded up like you would put them away in a drawer. Place them in the freezer overnight. For the contest, everyone grabs a frozen T-shirt and the first one to get their T-shirt all the way on wins. You can have as many players as you have T-shirts. The contestants can do anything to try and get their shirts apart. Some sit on them trying to warm them up, some have poured drinks on them trying to get them to melt. Have them use their imagination as to how they will get the shirt undone and on.

    These are my number ones that worked amazing for my parties. (07/10/2008)

    By carly S

    14 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

    Some Ideas:

    1. Jelly Shots (jelly in small plastic shot glasses)
    2. Pool Competition
    3. Cool Cake with lots of detail
    4. A pinata (because I'm 14 and still want one)
    5. Maybe a Popcorn maker and a Slushy Maker
    6 .Definitely have a Treasure Hunt.
    7. Water Bombs are awesome if you have lots.
    8. Have a few balls around the yard for people to kick around if they get bored.
    9. Jumping Castle if you want to. I still enjoy them. =]

    **Hope these ideas help you (08/11/2008)

    By Jakeeeee

    14 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

    We got a projector, hooked up the DVD player and speakers, and showed a movie outdoors on the wall of our house after it got dark. Before it was dark, they played volleyball, had pizza and played some goofy games (pass the orange, pass the lifesaver, water balloon toss, etc). Guys and girls loved it and my daughter thought it was a very cool party. (08/28/2008)

    By Teen Mom

    14 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

    The newspapers game. Get a prize and wrap the prize in newspaper. Play some music (like musical chairs) and stop it randomly. The person with the prize unwraps. Then you continue until the last person unwraps the last layer, then they get the prize! (08/30/2008)

    By Ashton

    14 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

    Wow, this site actually helped a lot. I'm using some of the ideas like, Volleyball and the Silly String. And The Pool Party Idea, even though it'll rain. hehe :) Thanks to everyone. (09/10/2008)

    By Kristy

    14 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

    My birthday is in about a month and for my party I'm thinking of getting together some of my friends (10 or 12) buying a few cans of silly string, some party poppers, energy drinks, lollies, and a couple of disposable cameras then letting the good times roll. We live in a pretty friendly town with a few beaches so we'll probably end up wandering around taking stupid photos and making up inside jokes. Sometimes the answer is simple. (09/12/2008)

    By Mella Bella

    14 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

    Here are some fun birthday parties I did:

    1. Luau. I did this a few years ago. Everything was Hawaiian themed, fun music and arts and crafts (it was an all girl party, almost) and then the guy went home and the rest of us had a sleepover
    2. Bowling is pretty fun for parties with 10-12 people
    3. Horseback riding is a blast for a small group of people especially if you like horses
    4. Murder mystery role-playing games are fun with some people
    5. Pool parties can be fun, but not everyone likes them, unlike some people have assumed
    6. On sleepovers, a really fun game is called Cockroaches: When it is dark, everyone crawls around on the floor- someone is it, and they try to touch other people, but they have to guess the correct name and if they don't they keep looking.


    By Summer

    14 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

    If it's all girls, I have an idea. Have an at home spa party. I had it and it was a hit. Make homemade masks, paint nails, do hair, and have a fashion show, out and out girly party. Hope this helps! (10/02/2008)

    By ajluvs2sing4u

    14 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

    Well, My daughter will be 14 this year and I do not want all the mess. Oct. is cold like Nov. and Dec. and the rest, so I booked a room at Big Bear Grand Resort. We will be spending the night. They have an indoor water park, amusement park, and arcade with goofy golf outside. Plenty to keep them occupied while I relax. (10/13/2008)

    By tina

    Samantha's Party Ideas

    I made a list of crazy things to do in the mall, like taking a picture with the sample giver person in the food court. It was the best party ever. Then, we went and watched a movie. It was with guys and girls. I had so much fun!

    By Samantha

    14 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

    Have a scavenger hunt all around your town, have 2 groups, and then give them each a different clue, they have to go around town and find the things that give them another clue, when they are done and have found all the clues, they go back to the house and the winners get prizes. Afterward have some pizza and cake or something, hang out, do whatever, this is perfect for a girls/guys party. I'm doing that this year. :] (10/27/2008)

    By Ryannnnn!

    14 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

    You know. I am a mother of a 14 year old girl, sitting here today in the middle of her party at home.

    6 girls, 6 boys - chocolate fountain, party pies, sausage rolls and pizza and snacks and drinks. They are all watching a movie, and hanging out in the backyard - easy.

    I have provided the food, they are providing their own entertainment! Everyone is happy! Enjoy your own 14th birthday party. (11/07/2008)

    By Sonia

    14 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

    We live in the woods. My daughter is madly in love with Taylor Whatever off the Twilight movie, so I cleared a path into the woods, ran an electric cord hidden under leaves to a cleared spot deep in the forest. I put up the 8 man tent and built a camp fire and put out a small propane grill, cooler and lap top. I filled the cooler with food to cook, drinks and marshmallows. I tied glow sticks to the trees going down and got a load of cheap flashlights.

    I sent out invites with requests for pillows and sleeping bags. I picked out every scary movie I could find, and left them with the lap top in the tent. I gave the girls a map of the trail and the lights and sent them into the woods. They had a blast! Came back around 4 am! (01/12/2009)

    By Allimamma

    14 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

    For my daughter's 14th birthday we did an Asian theme. Ordered different types of Asian food, Chinese, sushi, Thai. Set up a low table in the living room and sat on the floor to eat. Hung paper lanterns and filled colorful takeout containers with candy, hello kitty stickers for girls, ying and yang for the boys and fortune cookies. Rented Karate Kid and the old "Godzilla" for entertainment and did some Karaoke later on. Check for fish and peanut allergies when ordering for guests. Otherwise, Konichiwa! (01/29/2009)

    By JoAnna

    14 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

    Hey, if you're looking for cheaper idea's which are still fun here are some tips. I've always been a girly girl so things like this:

    A Sleepover Party:
    Invite all your friends, do each others hair, make-up, paint each others nails and have facials, then watch movies all night while hanging with your friends and eating yummy food! =) A fun night!

    Dessert Party:
    If you have a sweet tooth, you'll love this idea. Have all your friends round, set up tables to turn your lounge into a mini cafe, and buy or make delicious desserts, have a range like brownies, cheesecakes, and chocolate fondue and have yum drinks like iced chocolates and enjoy the food with the company of your friends.

    Fashion Frenzy:
    If you love fashion then have a fashion party, invite your friends round to your home and get creative. Buy some cheap material and borrow some sewing machines, make cute purses, handbags, headbands or a t-shirt and make some jewelery. Everyone will be busy and having fun then have some treat foods and get everyone dressed up, put on their accessories and have a fun fashion show, take loads of photos and you'll have loads of fun memories!

    Disco Fever:
    Everyone likes music and dancing, so invite all your friends, get some cool sounds and dance the night away. It's cheap and everyone will enjoy themselves.

    Scavenger Hunt:
    These are so much fun, hit the town with your friends with a list of set tasks. Go around town taking photos of certain things and collecting bits and pieces, go out for a quick lunch then back home to sort out the winners.

    =) Hope the ideas help! (05/01/2009)

    By gemmab

    14 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

    An "Amazing Race" themed party is really fun. It's almost like a scavenger hunt, except you also have to do challenges and figure where the clues are leading you. You can do two-five groups depending on how many guests there are. (05/03/2009)

    By Chocoholic8946

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