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Frugal Solution Needed For Extremely Dry Feet and Callous Removal

I would like to know if there is an alternative to expensive pedicures (even at the beauty school here they are $20, the salon/esthetician is $30-$60). My feet are very dry and calloused, moisturizing, even using petroleum jelly at night with cotton socks isn't enough. I would love some frugal ideas/solutions to help me solve this beauty issue. Thank You


Cindy from Alberta, Canada


Frugal Solution Needed For Extremely Dry Feet and Callous Removal

I use the jars of lotion you can buy from Avon. Any scent will do. I use it in the morning after showering and again before bed. It works great especially at night when I wear socks to bed. Probably any lotion would do I like this one the best.

Good luck (09/15/2004)

By Amy

Frugal Solution Needed For Extremely Dry Feet and Callous Removal

I don't know how frugal you would consider this, as you need to buy or borrow a paraffin bath machine large enough for your feet. I borrow one from daughter-in-law, use sloughing lotion after bath, then cover feet with heavy body cream or lotion, leaving plenty on feet....doesn't need to be all rubbed in. Place feet in bath, dunking several times and then place plastic bags on feet and relax. After wax cools, peel off and feet feel soft as silk. The heat helps the pores open and helps feet accept the lotion. (09/15/2004)


By Linda

Frugal Solution Needed For Extremely Dry Feet and Callous Removal

Start with the beginning- the skin. Go to Wal-Mart or somewhere and get a FOOT FILE. It is a giant emery board. Rough side and smooth side. Use the rough side to knock the build up off and follow up with the smooth side. Do this to dry feet so you can file the dead skin off better. Gently file away the excess dead dry skin. This foot file is also good on corns and callouses if you can stand it. You will be shocked to know what find ,beautiful soft skin under all that dry stuff. I use to do home health care and it works wonders. DO NOT soak your feet and scrape with knife! If you are a diabetic let your nurse do this foot filing and corn and callous remover. She may send you to a foot doctor.


When you are through & by the way be sure & put a towel under your foot while filing. The fine powder that will fluff off is the dead dry skin you are filing away. This is a good thing to do while watching t.v., then have your bath and rub lotion on after bath. Also the balls of net to bath with is very good to bath with as it really helps fluff the dead skin off your body. About oil on the feet remember you walk with those feet and be careful of when you use the lotion and where & how you walk with it on.
After you do this you are going to feel like a new person! (09/15/2004)

By M.B.W.

Frugal Solution Needed For Extremely Dry Feet and Callous Removal

Please try a product called EUCERIN that you can purchase in the department of most stores that carry medical items or ask your pharmacist. It's an over the counter product, a bit on the pricey side, but well worth it. Good luck & I hope this helps you. (09/15/2004)


By joesgirl

Frugal Solution Needed For Extremely Dry Feet and Callous Removal

I am diabetic and have had problems with dry feet due to poor circulation. When i asked my doctor what to do, he recommended petroleum jelly. The secret, according to him, is to apply the jelly while the feet are still wet from the bath and then to put on socks. It worked for me. It could take a while for your feet to completely heal depending on their condition. It is however very important to take good care of them. Even if it means spending a little extra money, it will be worth it in the long run. (09/28/2004)

By Mimi from GA

Frugal Solution Needed For Extremely Dry Feet and Callous Removal

I think the Vaseline cure is excellent advice to cure dry feet.
I'd like to add an additional method. Take emulsified cod liver oil (orange flavor) and wash a spoonful down with some orange juice. (after breakfast) It does wonders for your dry skin. (09/29/2004)


By Cashy

Frugal Solution Needed For Extremely Dry Feet and Callous Removal

Okay, get a foot file, they work wonders or pumice stones and rub on your feet every night then use a shallow amount of warm water with about 1 to 2 cups sea salt and move your feet around then use foot file and sleep with heavy amount of foot lotion or just lotion smeared all over feet thickly and wear cotton socks to bed. good luck (01/01/2005)


Frugal Solution Needed For Extremely Dry Feet and Callou

My Mom told me about this solution and I was reluctant at first but once I tried it I was sold. Try shortening, as in Crisco that's used for's unbelievable. Before going to bed lay on a good amount all over your feet, put on your socks. Overnight you would notice softer, smoother feet. Within a few days your feet would be unbelievably soft. Remember to use pumice stone to remove dead skin immediately after shower. (02/05/2005)


By Patricia

Frugal Solution Needed For Extremely Dry Feet and Callous Removal

Mary Kay's Extra Emollient Night Cream is close to a miracle product. Even better yet is to buy the entire set it comes in called Satin Hands or Satin feet. It isn't cheap to buy but it works 5 times better than anything else and lasts a long time. Lotion just doesn't even compare to it. It's like it fixes your skin instead of rubbing grease on top of it. My mother in law used it on an old dried rabbit skin that was dry and stiff like a piece of wood and it turned it into a very soft and supple hide. It was amazing. (03/02/2005)

By TabbyCat

Frugal Solution Needed For Extremely Dry Feet and Callou

On a whim one night I tried this. My daughter had given me some cold cream she was not happy with, so after my shower, I rubbed in the cold cream, put on socks and went to bed. What a difference it made in my feet. I could put on panty hose without snagging them on my feet!! It worked for me. (03/07/2005)

By jaxi3

Frugal Solution Needed For Extremely Dry Feet and Callou

This is the solution from the guy who can tear new socks with his heal and or cut skin with an under sheet swipe. Soak feet in warm water every night before bed, shave and/or pumice then slather whatever suggested substance from above onto your feet. Then wrap your feet in plastic wrap, otherwise none of these will work you will just have greasy socks in the morning. Repeat as necessary. (03/10/2005)

By TenderMercy's

Frugal Solution Needed For Extremely Dry Feet and Callou

I'm still searching for relief myself, but I have had some improvement since wearing shoes/slippers/flip-flops all the time.
Being barefoot is the most comfortable for me, but my children get freaked out when the cracks in my feet leave blood tracks on the floor. =(
Good luck to you! (04/20/2005)

By Daphne

Frugal Solution Needed For Extremely Dry Feet and Callous Removal

First of all, make sure the lotion you are putting on your feet has no or very little alcohol in it. alcohol dries the feet out more. i have severe cracked heels and i have tried the gold bond medicated lotion and it is great! i have just started using it and can already see a difference in my feet. be sure to file away dead skin everyday until the new skin is free from the dead skin build up. good luck! Deanna (05/16/2005)

By Deanna

Frugal Solution Needed For Extremely Dry Feet and Callous Removal

Well for me, I try Vaseline Intensive Cream all over my feet and then cover it up with plastic wrap paper, do this 3 times a week before go to bed. (05/18/2005)

By Manny

Frugal Solution Needed For Extremely Dry Feet and Callou

The most frugal and healthiest solution is to use either olive oil (put on socks afterward) or use a SALT AND OLIVE OIL SCRUB before bath or shower - I didn't even use a rough skin file. OR you can use an avocado that is not so great to eat - this is messy - wear old socks. Fantastic. It is good for hands rough from gardening, also as a body scrub (2 parts ordinary salt to 1 part olive oil - If you can eat it, it'll be good for your skin. I had very sore cracked heels and soles of feet - within days they were much better. Cheers. (06/03/2005)

By PeggyWho

Frugal Solution Needed For Extremely Dry Feet and Callous Removal

In addition to improving the outside, you might want to take a vitamin supplement with a name like, "Hair, Skin & Nails" which should help from the inside! (07/19/2005)

By cookwie

Frugal Solution Needed For Extremely Dry Feet and Callous Removal

I used a disposable razor. After showering, I stayed in the shower and "shaved" my feet (actually just the calloused areas). It worked awesome and I believe it is safe because you really can't cut yourself with a disposable razor (on the calloused area). I'm going to do it every time I shower or every other time. I had a big crack in each heal and it is almost gone. (08/06/2005)

By Nancy

Frugal Solution Needed For Extremely Dry Feet and Callous Removal

Vicks Vapor rub, mixed with Bag Balm. works in about an hour. As a bonus, the ingredients in Vicks can work to kill any type of fungus - something that also works well on yellow, thickened discolored toenails. The treatments offered at a dermatologist would include painting with Penlac for months, an oral medication that requires follow up with liver function testing, or months of treatment with Lamisil (very expensive).

I transcribe for an old-school dermatologist, he recommends slightly warmed vegetable oil for dry skin, along with cooler, shorter showering, and Vicks Vapor rub or plain petroleum jelly to dry, calloused skin of the hands and feet. (08/14/2005)

By no more foot trouble

Frugal Solution Needed For Extremely Dry Feet and Callous Removal

I've used crushed aspirin mixed with water to make a paste to get rid of corns. Slap the past on the rough areas then you wrap your feet up in plastic and cover with socks. The aspirin just eats away the rough skin. You can check periodically to see how far it's gone. How long to leave it on depends on how many layers of rough skin you've got. Of course if your feet are cracked or have open sores using crushed aspirin would not be a good idea. (Someone else on this list suggested using aspirin to get rid of facial acne. Not sure if I would try that!) (11/13/2005)

By Planet Corn

Frugal Solution Needed For Extremely Dry Feet and Callous Removal

For very dry feet, purchase pure Aloe Vera gel (more than 98%) at the health food store. Using a small tub (I use a small dish washing tub) put just enough aloe vera in bottom of tub to cover the bottom of your feet, place your feet in tub and soak them as long as you like. It is amazing, your feet almost seem to drink the aloe vera. You can also massage the aloe vera into your feet with your hands.

Also very helpful to take 1-2 tablespoons a day internally. You can buy pure aloe vera juice, but I prefer the gel. The consistency of the gel isn't the greatest, but you get used to it and you can take a drink of water after taking it. The gel is very healing for any inflammation of the feet or for that matter, any inflammation anywhere on the body. Taken internally, aloe vera gel is excellent for eliminating dry skin. For the most frugal, buy a aloe vera houseplant. Select a plumb leaf, wash, cut the leaf and apply the gel. (11/27/2005)

By gs7

Frugal Solution Needed For Extremely Dry Feet and Callous Removal

This isn't inexpensive at first, but over time, it is the most frugal, and you get first class results.

Go to this site and buy the file for heels and callouses. It lasts forever.

Then use any high-density (you can turn it upside down, and it won't fall out) lotion or aloe.

Perfect footsies. (12/30/2005)

By the Oracle

Frugal Solution Needed For Extremely Dry Feet and Callous Removal

I have horrible heels, the cracks get so deep it is painful and oh so embarrassing when in bed with my man and screeetch, there goes my heel across the sheets. Nasty. The only thing that ever really made my feet feel like they did when I was 10 is a LOT of attention. Drink a lot of water (moisture from the inside!), take a callous 'brick' (I bought mine from pedicurist), and go over your heels with vigor 100 times per foot (yes. 100) - you want soft feet, right? At night, put on lotion (or d jojoba oil - great stuff but pricey), then bag balm or vaseline, plastic bags and socks. No open heeled shoes, no bare feet. Put a small amount of vaseline on your heels, then a bandaid, then shoes. Walk with more weight on your toes, you likely walk heavily. Get a pedicure once a week if possible (you deserve a break). In 2 weeks you'll have soft feet, guaranteed. (02/10/2006)

By Ann

Frugal Solution Needed For Extremely Dry Feet and Callous Removal

I had huge cracks on my feet that were like gaps. I smeared vaseline on them and then put sandwich baggies on them. In the morning they were as smooth as a babys bum. Good luck! (04/28/2006)

By Dawn

Frugal Solution Needed For Extremely Dry Feet and Callous Removal

(b)Well now, how about a drastic solution which is better than anything I could have imagined?(/b)

I decided I needed a pedicure badly as the skin on my feet was starting to cause me trouble. So my husband used a sanding block and emery peper of various grades and set to work to sand the dry skin off my feet. Where the skin was really tough and really thick he used a flat sanding disk on his battery powered screwdriver (carefully as it got quite hot from the friction). By the time he had finished, they were very smooth and he had reduced the build up of skin back to how my feet used to be when I was a child. It was amazing.

He then massaged them with Vicks vaporub and wrapped them in cling film for 3 hours. They were a tiny bit sore for a couple of days (not surprising as they had lost the protection of the thick skin), but I now rub them with pumice each time I shower or bath, and put a moisturizer on them afterward, and they have stayed very soft and silky ever since then (3 years).

I asked him where he got this idea from and he told me that he had once been to a chiropodist and the chiropodist had used an electric sanding disk to get rid if the dead skin, so he had improvised. I would say that if you do this, be very careful as it can be a bit dangerous when using the sanding disk and dont use a coarser grade than 120. Do not use an electric drill, and make sure the screwdriver has a clutch so that it can spin slowly as well as fast, The sanding block worked quite well without an element of danger, but was much more labour intensive. (08/09/2006)

By Lana

Frugal Solution Needed For Extremely Dry Feet and Callous Removal

I used to have problems with extremly dry feet. First get a lotion for feet that removes rough dry skin. I think Dr. Schols make some. The bottle I have is called Pedi-Cure. You rub it in then the dead/dry skin just kind of rubs off, its really weird. Then use a creamy vasoline. I have some that comes in a tube and rub a bunch on and put on cotton sock then slippers or something to keep warn, or do b4 bedtime, but wear socks! Repeat as needed, and use as preventative. (10/18/2006)

By Cathy k from MN

Frugal Solution Needed For Extremely Dry Feet and Callous Removal

The best method i have found for removing thick areas of dead skin is to simply slice of the skin with a scalpel. simply bathe your feet and let them soak until the skin becomes quite soft, then with great care it should just slice away with little or no problems. When finished use moisturizer as required or desired. I'm sure I don't need to emphasize how incredibly sharp scalpel blades are and extreme caution is to be used. (03/14/2007)

By Stev666

Frugal Solution Needed For Extremely Dry Feet and Callous Removal

My feet were the dryest, deepest cracked, uncomfortable feet (not to mention gross looking).

I reluctantly tried the Microplane (QVC item #V25812) and had suprising and incredible results!

I use Curel moisturizer every night & morning. I keep baby wipes in the nightstand and wash my feet & moisturize every night when I get into bed.

Once every couple of weeks I do a foot soak & simple pedicure ending with a deep moisture treatment using Mary Kay's Extra Emollient Night Cream & zip my feet into gallon-sized ziploc bags & then cotton socks to hold it in place. When I wake up in the morning, my feet are incredible!

My feet are in such good shape now, I can go 4 weeks without the deep moisture treatment sometimes!

By Catherine

Frugal Solution Needed For Extremely Dry Feet and Callou

The best thing you can do!

Get a foot scraper..not the one that looks like a cheese shredder, but the one with the razor blade!

Soak your feet until the skin is soft
then peel away!
Do all the really heavily callused areas but don't go to deep!

Then rub lotramin anitfungal "athletes foot" cream on it
as much as you want to deny it, cracked callused ugly feet is just another type of athletes don't even need to be an athlete.

Then put clean! thick cotton socks on and go to bed
then the next morning there will be a huge difference!
Do if for like 2 weeks.
You might not have to scrape every night but always moisturize! (07/07/2007)

By Morgan

Frugal Solution Needed For Extremely Dry Feet and Callous Removal

Do not get pedi's! they don't do anything to help and the objects they use have so many germs its pathetic ..and theres no way of them proving they sanitized it correctly (07/07/2007)

By morgan

Frugal Solution Needed For Extremely Dry Feet and Callous Removal

I finally stumbled across Zims Crack Cream after years of trying what people told me would work(and didn't- like petroleum jelly and socks) . It is basically an oil that I apply after I have used a foot file. When used daily or every other day, I can maintain my feet so they are not painful. Somedays - they even feel "soft and normal". Good Luck (08/05/2007)

By Idance

Frugal Solution Needed For Extremely Dry Feet and Callous Removal

QVC (or HSN) sells a product called Surgeon's Secret. Amazing!

I agree, Bag Balm is great.

A woman who gave me a pedicure said to use the foot file after you get out of the shower (that's what she did during my pedicure). Really makes a difference from using the foot file first.


By metroplex

Frugal Solution Needed For Extremely Dry Feet and Callou

Go to and order their "Nail and Cuticle Care" at $7.99 for a 4 oz. tube. (Kohl's Dept Store sells this brand, but doesn't often have the cuticle cream in stock). Squeeze out about 1" of the cream for each foot and just keep massaging it into your feet. The hardened dead skin will start peeling off, leaving softer skin exposed. I had used the cream for over a year to soften and remove my hard as a rock cuticles. I discovered that it's great for exfoliating dead skin and softening skin when I accidentally squeezed out too much cream, so I massaged it into my hands like hand lotion. Dead skin began rolling up and my hands immediately felt much softer. So I started using it on my feet too. I've tried literally hundreds of ideas - lotions, moisturizers, petroleum jelly/socks, pumice stones- and nothing else works for me. (09/23/2007)

By barbc

Frugal Solution Needed For Extremely Dry Feet and Callous Removal

Dr Sholl's Skin Softening Foot Rasp and Dual Action Swedish File plus Bag Balm followup may be all you will need to deal with calluses. (10/18/2007)

By B. Rudoy

Frugal Solution Needed For Extremely Dry Feet and Callous Removal

Try a product call Flesitol Heel Balm ( the cheapest place to buy it is WalMart) sold in 4oz. tube. Another product that is a good moisturizer is Hoofmaker (maine and tail) I purchase it at a place that sells things for horses. This product is for human use and is excellent. Good Luck! Sounds like you are cracking up! ha! and willing to try anything, stay away from the cheap hand lotions that contain alcohol and perfumed products. Its not about smelling good, but feeling good. (12/02/2007)

By grammagogo

Frugal Solution Needed For Extremely Dry Feet and Callous Removal

I have poor circulation from a hereditary disease called CMT. It is a type of Muscular Dystrophy. Anyway, I tried Blue Goo CVracked Heel. it is made of Emu oil. I have severe deep thick skin on the bottom of my toes because they rub. I also have severely cracked feet. This oil started removing the thick layers of skin instantly while I was rubbing it on. Within 2 minutes big pieces of skin were coming right off. It was unbelievable. It softened the cracked areas. I have never seen this type of results from any product. I have spent hundreds of dollars on different treatments. This is the first one to give dramatic instant improvement. BEST $2.00 I have ever spent! (08/30/2008)

By Christie

Frugal Solution Needed For Extremely Dry Feet and Callous Removal

After years of dry, cracked heels and feet I modified a treatment and it worked amazingly. First take a stidex pad (for acne) generic works fine, it must have salicylic acid (aspirin) in the ingredients. Rub the pad all over, paying special attention to very dry areas. The first time I used 2 pads per foot. Then it is recommended to put vaseline on your feet and wear socks to bed. Instead I used emu oil, just a cheap variety, and put the socks on before bed. I noticed the difference the first time. It really works. For some it may take a few nights but I had results the first night. (11/25/2008)

By Leslie

Frugal Solution Needed For Extremely Dry Feet and Callous Removal

Thanks, All, for the wonderful tips; i'll be trying them out. Can't wait to try the emu oil. Here's what's worked here... used to use just vasoline petroleum jelly then don socks; had to dedicate a couple pairs socks just for this since the vasoline was hard to remove. Couple yrs ago, when my feet were so rough, i asked my doc for his recommendations--soak in a bath of Johnson's Foot Soap for about 30 min. Then use pumice stone.

After shower, hand/body cream was used as usual. It's still used altho i'm more prone to using just the pumice stone after a shower, then hand/body lotion. Couple of winters ago, besides the pumice stone, olive oil was used--either 'straight' or mixed in w/my usual hand or body lotion, in varying amounts according to the seasons. Got the idea from the Bible since folks back then used olive oil for just about everything. It works wonderfully all over.

To keep the olive oil from going rancid during the warm months, i've sprayed in a bit of perfume, all of which have a fixative added; any scent will do. Am currently experimenting w/adding essential oils; research shows which are traditional fixatives or plus experimentation is being done. Hope this helps.

By gator10tx

It was Athletes Feet

I had this very same problem and dealt with it by getting pedicures every week and supplementing that with lava stones to grind the skin off every night in the bath tub and right before bed putting lotion on them.Some nights I couldn't sleep my feet tingled and burned so bad but never itched so I never considered Athletes Feet until one night my dad grabbed my foot and said I can give you a pill that will cure that its athletes feet.

I didn't believe it could be that simple but he said that him and my brother had the same thing last year and the doc gave them a 2 day pill and it cured them. I talked to my doctor and he said all I needed to do was use Athletes feet cream for a couple of weeks and it would be healed walla it worked. after 2 years of fighting this it was a very simple case of athletes feet. Mind you I am a very clean person and take care of my feet but still got it. Hope this helps (07/20/2009)

By cbaldwin

Frugal Solution Needed For Extremely Dry Feet and Callous Removal

Thanks to all of you :-) I had immediate (well 3 hours) results - after reading all these posts - I went to the 99 cent store and bought some generic aspirin and generic athlete's foot cream, ground the aspirin in the spice grinder and mixed it with the athlete's foot cream, (first I soaked my feet in hot water and Epsom salts) made a paste and applied to my heels, wrapped with plastic wrap and waited 3 hours - washed my feet in hot water and Epsom salts and WOW the callous' were softened and came off easily with pumice. Not for years have my feet been so soft. Thanks to everyone who posted - Frances Southern California (11/15/2009)

By Frances2000

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