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Getting Rid of Fleas

Does anyone have any ideals for home remedies of ridding fleas from your dogs. Have tried several over the counter products and I have had no success.


Getting Rid of Fleas 09/06/2002
I give my pets (mini daschund and persian cat) baths using Mane and Tail Shampoo (found at WalMart) and then give them a final rinse with apple cider vinegar. I take a bucket and fill with water and add 1/2 cup of the vinegar. When I have the pets completely rinsed, then I take the bucket of vinegar water and pour it all over them (Do not use near eyes) Use all of the water.

Supposedly, the fleas do not like the taste of the vinegar and will leave to find another host. I also bought one of those self waterers. I add 1 tablespoon of white vinegar to that. The vinegar secretes from their skin and repels fleas. I have been doing this for about 6 months now and the whole family is flea free!
By mzddunn
Getting Rid of Fleas 07/18/2004
my dog is extremely allergic to fleas, he thumps all day, all night, i've had barely no sleep in almost 2 weeks. i've tried all the vets treatments, sprays bombs, outdoor sprays, powders, drops on the neck and back, and steroids, nothing is working, we have went through this every year for 5 years, and this year is the worst! We live in the woods, and have heard about these allergy test where the vet can actually inject the dog with the venom of the fleas, to make the dog immune system built up toward these awful fleas. We have had 3 vets over the years and their treatments are all very similar, but the results are all the same, relief for couple days, but the dog still itches but just not as bad. He is given baths everyday, to help calm him, we just don't know what to do, we love the dog but he's tearing his body up by the constant itching and biting. I need something that will kill the fleas and soothe his irritation.
By chris (Guest Post)
Getting Rid of Fleas 07/19/2004
For Chris, whose dog is allergic: You need to take him to a holistic or homeopathic vet. They will boost his immune system and probably either cure, or regulate, his problem. He has a very unusual bad allergy and I doubt conventional methods will work, as you have experienced. Plus the poor dog is probably also reacting to all the chemicals at this point.

If you look all those treatments up you will find they are just poison, & aren't safe, regardless of what they want you to believe. You can find an alternative vet near you on-line. One place to start would be I hope you find relief soon for your poor baby.
By Vicki (Guest Post)
Advantage 07/20/2004
I personally have never had problems with using advantage, (drops on the back of the neck) with my pets. It kills all of the fleas on them within twenty four hours of application and then I bomb the fleas in the house. The problem with the bombs is that we have used them so much that the fleas build up an immunity to them, so when we go to bomb they laugh in our face. The biggest reason the drops don't work for some people is because they don't get it close enough to the animals skin for it to bond. If it doesn't bond, it doesn't work.

It has to go directly on the pets skin. Flea collars are foolish ways to spend your money, fleas are immune to the ingredients and your skin will probably be sensitive to it, as well as your families. What I do is take my pets in for advantage drops, bring them home, and then one day later we have our yard sprayed for fleas. Then the day after that we bomb our house. The whole setup costs us about one hundred dollars, but is well worth living in a house where my fur babies and family are not scratching for fleas.
By julie (Guest Post)
Dawn 11/27/2004
One thing that i have found effective to get rid of fleas is Dawn dishwashing liquid!
By April (Guest Post)
Dawn 04/14/2005
Washing your puppies and kittens with Dawn shouldn't hurt them. Just make sure to wet them down, suds them up and let the suds sit there for 5 minutes or so. Then rinse them down well. Then, of course, dry them off well so they don't get chilled.

It's much safer than a flea soap for the little guys. You may have to wash them every few days to get rid of the eggs and newly hatching fleas. Make sure you vacuum well any place they have been, wash their bedding, and keep it up until the fleas are gone.

When the animals are a little older try some Advantage. It's a once a month treatment that works well.

By ThriftyFun
Pitt and Kitty With Fleas 04/29/2005
I need help. I just got an 8 week old red-nosed pit two weeks ago and have a cat that had babies 1 week ago. It's crazy. But the thing is that the pit, Tony's his name, brought with him a whole bunch of fleas. I have no idea what to do. I'm gonna try the dish soap thing tonight, see how it works, but I'm really worried about is the babies. They have fleas all over them too as well mother. Can you help? And the pup too. I need any advice possible. They are in need badly. Help for them and the house.
By CHRIS JR (Guest Post)
Pitt and Kitty With Fleas 05/05/2005
I'm hoping by now you've got the situation take care of. You can't treat the kittens with any chemicals until 12 weeks but just keep cleaning them and treat the environment. Also, do not treat the mom with any chemicals.

Get the pitt bull a flea shampoo. Since flea bombing is not an option with kitties, sprinkle borax on your carpets regularly and vacuum it up. Throw out the vacuum bag. Fleas jump 13 feet and multiply 10 times faster than rabbits.

Good luck with your new family of fur balls! I love pitt bulls, they are clowns. Don't stress out - it takes time and consistency and soon you will be able to put them on frontline or a similar cheaper alternative.

By Brandi (Guest Post)
Dawn 07/08/2005
Hi there! I have 4 cats and 2 dogs. They are all spayed and neutered except for one of the rescue cats. When we 1st got her (2 years ago), she had kittens and she is an outdoor cat. She had brought in tons of fleas and all my pets were covered, and so was the house. Everywhere you walked, fleas would just jump all over you. The bad thing is one of my dogs is allergic to fleas, so all her hair fell out. I took her to my vet and he gave me all types of suggestions and nothing really worked.

Even an exterminator didn't help much. Then I met this lady who runs a kennel and she has been using dawn dish liquid. She even used it on her puppies. It is safe as long as you make sure you rinse them well. I bathe all my pet's with dawn and even made a Dawn solution with water and spray the whole house. I have now been free of fleas for a year. I hope this helps.
By Ashley (Guest Post)
Getting Rid of Fleas 07/10/2005
Is he acting healthy otherwise? I would take a stool sample to the vet and have him checked if you haven't already. Also some dogs don't get their adult weight until they are about 2. Ask the vet's opinion about his weight too. I use a natural shampoo called Natural Dog & you can buy it in some pet supply places, or on-line. It might seem a little expensive but you only use a little bit for 2 cups of water. It's a great shampoo, especially for dogs with sensitive skin. And with only 1 dog it should last you quite awhile. I have 3 dogs & it lasts me for a long time. Buy the best food you can afford. It's the best for him & his health. And if it keeps you out of the vet's office all the time you're saving money there. Avoid meal, non-natural preservatives & other non-natural ingredients. You should look for whole grains & no fillers. I buy an expensive food but Nutros Natural is pretty decent for affordable food. I hoped I've helped you.

Bryan, my dog,is a 1 and a half year old cougar hound crossbreed, so he is supposed to be a lean dog but lately he seems to not be gaining any weight even with the growth formula dog food that i am giving him i bathed him with baby shampoo as even without fleas his skin is sensitive. Lately even though he is an indoor dog I've been noticing him chewing a lot i am wondering if maybe the fleas are causing him to not grow properly? as i am not "rich" lol i cannot afford any of the big name brand flea control stuff, and the stuff i found that i could afford did not work, could i possibly use dish soap on him without drying out his skin and still being effective or does anyone have any suggestions??

By Vicki (Guest Post)
Getting Rid of Fleas 08/01/2005
I am in the process of getting rid of the fleas, I just pored borax all over the house and bathed my kitties in dawn detergent, I will try adding a little white vinegar to their water dish and add garlic to their food. I have acquired flea collars and will put them on after another bath and dip in vinegar, mopping the floors everyday helps too.
By chris (Guest Post)
Dawn and Table Salt 08/19/2005
Dawn original dish soap works well for getting rid of fleas on the animals. If fleas that live through the washing stay still and play dead use a lice comb to get them out, a small votive candle lit with melted hot wax is great for dropping them into after combing them out of animals fur.

Also, for carpets that are infested by fleas you can get a few containers of table salt and pour it into your carpet. it kills the babies and hatched eggs, my guess is it dries them out. Leave it on the carpet for a few hours before vacuuming. Myself, I left salt in carpet for a week or more.
All that I've typed here I do myself, after having a seriously horrible infestation in my home.

Another thing besides skin so soft that works and keeps them off you while walking through infested areas is Cutters family insect repellent. Just spray your shoes/boots or feet and just up to the knee on pants. That'll keep em at bay while you're using natural methods to kick their lousy butts.

After delousing pets start putting a 1/4 tsp. for a small bowl of food. A 1/2 tsp. for a larger bowl, of garlic powder into the food mixing it into it everyday.

This takes a bit (30 days) for things to start working. Fleas cant stand the garlic and will "flea" to get away from your animals. Cedar chips or shavings in dog runs or kennels also run fleas off.

DO NOT cover any animal in vaseline to get rid of fleas you may seriously poison them by doing this. Their skin breathes through pores as ours does & smothering the pores could result in serious health problems or even death.

By Robbie
Flea Trap 09/27/2005
Every year, at about this same time, we get fleas in our house. I think it's because it's starting to get cooler outside. The last time this happened, I bombed, sprayed, powdered till I was tuckered out. They wouldn't go away!

I finally got an aluminum pie pan, put a thin layer of dish soap in the bottom and set a desk lamp shining into it. They LEAP into that thing and stay stuck.

So... now I'm trying it again this year. It's only been set up for a few hours and we already have over 20 fleas in it. I didn't have a lot of dish soap, so I used some generic body wash soap and as long as it's thick and sticky, they'll stick fast in it.

By Debs (Guest Post)
Advantage Works 09/28/2005
Advantage will get rid of 100% of the fleas and keep them away if you continue to use it - but you have to buy it from a vet. The OTC version doesn't work. The full strength version works very well. The fleas will be gone within 48 hours, and they won't come back soon. You will need to know how much your dog weighs. Most vets will sell it to you without doing a checkup. If you don't know your dog's weight, just bring it in to the office and they will weigh it for you.

Don't forget to vacuum everything, wash your dog's bed, and treat your yard if necessary. You don't need to use heavy chemical applications. If your dog goes outside, just find some herbal remedies to spread around. Once you begin using Advantage, it will kill the fleas continuously for a set period of time, no matter how many more the dog picks up.

By Denise Roche
Vacuuming and Advantage 11/17/2005
I have tried many different remedies to get rid of fleas. I have even tried using Borax by sprinkling on my carpet. Here is what I have done to rid my home of fleas. I bought a flea collar and chopped it up in several pieces and placed some of the pieces in my vacuum cleaner (I would replace those pieces every few weeks). I then would vacuum every day, making sure to dump the vacuum container outside after each time. I also bought Advantage from a Pet Hospital/Veterinarian (3 months use). I then choose a date to apply the medicine to my pet and did so religiously. My pets are indoor only and after 5 months of doing this goodbye fleas.
By Jestinams (Guest Post)
Baby Shampoo for Kittens 11/23/2005
I just used baby shampoo to get rid of 3 kitten's fleas. I saw many in the sink but still some live ones on the kittens. I've found the longer you soak your kitty, the more fleas you drown.
By Carey (Guest Post)

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