Party Game Ideas For a Teen

I am having a party. My mom is going to help out, but for once I'm in charge of what to do. My best friend is helping me, but we are a little stuck on ideas. Every tip we found either includes a limo, scavenger hunt, or sleepover and it is totally unlike us.


I am a maverick, otherwise described as, 'I'm a rebel and I'm loud!' so the party can't be normal. We have food, music, and decor somewhat planned, but no party games or activities.

Any ideas?



Party Game Ideas For a Teen

How about night at the Oscars like have every come dressed in fancy clothes or even go to a thrift store and get old prom, wedding, and inexpensive dresses in various sizes. Give "Oscars" get lots of music food and have fun. I sure hope that I have helped (03/25/2005)

By Kassidy

Party Game Ideas For a Teen

(This was devised by my 10 year old daughter and she tells me to write...) You should first ask the guests to sign a booklet to the birthday boy and write fun messages.Then when everyone is there go and pick a video out and get a movie that is adventurous or action movie. Rated PG or PG13. May need parents approval if it's PG13. Then go out of the room do your own thing and let the boys have snacks then when the movies are over play games like pillow fights, just rough housing is what boys like but take caution!


After that get their beds ready and if they have siblings the night has just began they can do pranks with your permission. Now when they get sleepy but are not fully tired have them play a quiet game like truth or dare then let them sleep late and give em donuts and let them play outside. RLV (03/26/2005)

By peggy vidal

Party Game Ideas For a Teen

How about hanging fruit from the ceiling on a string and see who can eat the fruit the fastest with hands behind your back?
How about playing word games (scrambled word games, etc.) and every time someone gets a correct word, you get a dollar in play money? At the end of the games, you have a table of gifts that the guests can buy. Pick up cheap items for gifts. (03/26/2005)

By Judy

Party Game Ideas For a Teen

Walmart sells a little package like a deck of cards in the toy department that has all kinds of games to play at parties. They also had baby shower ideas in the little card pack. It was $2-something; very inexpensive. Give it a try! (04/01/2005)


By suzi homemaker

Party Game Ideas For a Teen

Here is one for you. Have folks line up into 2 equal rows. Have each person pick a blown-up balloon. Have them walk across the room with the balloon between their knees. At the end of the walk, have them place the balloon on a hard chair and sit/bounce on it until it breaks. See which line finished first. (04/08/2005)

By Rose

Party Game Ideas For a Teen

You could celebrate your birthday, complete with birthday cake and all the trimmings, at a bowling alley. You and your pals could spend the next few hours playing the jukebox, bowling, doing the arcade games, mingling with your pals.

For mine and my siblings birthdays, one year, Mom combined them all into one and rented a Holiday Inn heated pool for the evening (in Feb/March), for a few hours. We, each, got to invite up to 10 friends. It was a blast! Mom said it was cheaper having it this way, than having 3 separate parties. We couldn't have cared either way, it was one of the best parties we'd had! Both family members and friends came to it.


Happy Birthday, Kat! (04/10/2005)

By badwater

Party Game Ideas For a Teen

How about a cart or BMX racing activity? Those who join the race pay their entries. Gifts for the first, second and third place. Nothing big. Something from the dollar store. You decorate with car race colors. Alcohol free champagne or ginger ale in the winners cup. Then everybody meets at your place for the racer's party. If some of your friends play music, have a jam session, recorded. Hot dogs, chips, veggies, and a big cake to share. (04/13/2005)

By Genesa

Party Game Ideas For a Teen

Here is a funny idea
Balloon Relay

Have everyone get into 3 teams. Have a relay where each person has to pick a blown-up balloon and walk across the room with the balloon between their knees, before passing it to the next person. First team to have everyone walk across in relay sequence are the winners.


tell me what you think of it! (04/24/2005)

By nic

Party Game Ideas For a Teen

OK, this is a really fun one! Go somewhere outside, in a big area. You'll need balloons, shaving cream or whipped cream (your choice) and 2 baseball bats.

Ok, fill a whole bunch of balloons up with shaving or whipped cream and place them on one side of the area. Then, everyone goes to the opposite and end and splits up into 2 equal teams. When its time to start, the first person from each teams picks up their baseball bat, stands it on the ground, puts their forehead to the top, and spins around in a circle 10 times, until they are really dizzy. Then, they can let go of the bat and 'run' over to the balloons, take one, and pop it.

They then run back to their teammates, tag one, and then its that persons turn. Whichever team gets done first wins. The other team has to do something (anything) you choose. Such as sing "I'm a little Tea-Pot" or do the chicken dance, whatever! Its really fun but really messy! (05/20/2005)



Party Game Ideas For a Teen

Well I always love to do a game called musical presents. You wrap a present (from the dollar store or something) one for each guest. Then you sit in a circle and have someone work the music for a few seconds while the circle is passing around the first present. When the person stops the music, whoever has the present gets the present. Then at the end everybody opens their present and finds out what they ended up with. Reminder: During the game switch off people who run the music so everyone gets a chance to play. (07/13/2005)

By Tessa

Party Game Ideas For a Teen

I think a great idea is to sing karaoke (have a competition) that's what i did at my last party, but make sure that everyone is singing that way the shy people have a chance to get in on the fun. Also there is a game called truth or dare (a board game) if you had that you can all do silly stuff and laugh the whole time. For drinks you should have non alcoholic (regularly alcoholic) drinks like strawberry daiquiris or margaritas. another idea that I came up with is that you get a paper plate (don't let anyone see what you are doing) and mix a whole bunch of semi liquid stuff on it like ketchup or shampoo and blind fold your friends and let them guess what it is.

I hope you like these ideas! (08/18/2005)

By Alicia, almost 14

Party Game Ideas For a Teen


Do you know someone who's a Mary K. or Avon distributor? If so, this is one game you won't forget!

Have the Mary K. or Avon distributor bring makeup and whatnot to your party. Have one room designated as your "Makeovers Room". Now, you're set to have as many makeovers as you want! (Without the charge!) (08/24/2005)

By n0riZZLe

Party Game Ideas For a Teen

Have a jeopardy game and see if your friends know "all about you" write questions like "what's my favorite color, animal, etc." and see who has the most points when you are done (09/26/2005)

By Ariel

Slumber Party Ideas

You could play one of my favorites called Who Am I? you write famous people on a card, shuffle them up, pick one then put it on a person's back and give them clues on that person and if they guess it they win if they don't they lose and pick another person! (10/07/2005)

By Mariah

Party Game Ideas For a Teen

You can have fun by buying a couple of pie pans and a couple of cans of whipped cream. Then you have a singing contest or any kinda contest hoola hoop or anything well anyways whoever loses has to enter the contest to eat a whip cream pie with their hands behind their back! Whoever wins gets a prize from the dollar store or something and who loses gets the rest of their pie in the face. It's so much fun this year for my birthday I'm gonna do it my b-day is in 9 days and I heard that the game is a blast especially for teens like me. I hope you have fun. (10/12/2005)

By Lori

Party Game Ideas For a Teen

I played this game at my birthday party once and it was a big hit. Everybody gets a balloon and decorates it with anything they want (make sure it's nothing of value!) and then everyone goes in another room and they leave them to dry (if they like painted them or something).

What nobody knows is that while their balloons are drying, they are actually being hidden. When everyone comes back in the room, they are told that their balloons have been hidden and they have to try and find them. If they find someone elses they can pop it or re-hide it. Whoever finds their balloon first, unpopped, wins a prize. (03/04/2006)

By Melanie

Party Game Ideas For a Teen

Best game ever! We played this at my 13th birthday and everyone loved it! It's called "Alka-Seltzer Spew".
* Everyone takes a pretty big sip of a citrus soda, like Sprite.

* Then they pop one Alka-Seltzer tablet into their mouth.

*Everyone's mouth will start to fill with fiz, which they can't spit out or swallow. Guests try to hold in the fizz.

*The winner will be the one that does not spew out the foam! Sounds weird but so fun.

By Natalie

Party Game Ideas For a Teen

This is a teen version of pin the tail on a donkey. You set up a poster of someone that's really 'hot' right now. Each person gets spun (blindfolded) around until they are dizzy then get them to try to put lipstick on the person in the poster's lips. It is also fun if you have to have the lippy on you and you have to kiss the poster. (04/07/2006)

By **eMa**

Party Game Ideas For a Teen

Have a 70s disco! I had one and everyone loved it! Have 70's clothes, music, and decorations. Play games such as Alka-Seltzer Spew 9 that is really fun) and dance all night! (07/31/2006)

By Baz

Party Game Ideas For a Teen or kid

A luau would be a blast. You can play limbo, hula hoop contests, hot coconut a.k.a. hot potato, musical beach towels, a relay race and you have to pass the coconut to the next person instead of high fiving then. For food maybe fruit kabobs. Google to kids luau party games for more info. I hoped I helped. Good Luck! (01/11/2007)

By Rebecca

Party Game Ideas For a Teen

If you have lazertag, you can have hours of fun! (02/15/2007)

By guest

Party Game Ideas For a Teen

Pass the Bread:

a loaf of sliced bread
at least 2 teams of 3 minimum
For each team : 1 pancake turner, 1 plastic plate, 4 or more slices of bread.

Team member A hold bread, stands facing member B who holds pancake turner (spatula). Member B is standing back to back (touching) with Member C who holds the plate. Start! A places a slice on bread on the spatula of B, who flips the bread over his head to be caught by C on the plate - no hands! Repeat with each piece of bread. Fastest to finish wins. If you have lots of players make teams bigger. The 4th(D) person in line retrieves the piece of bread (either from the floor or the plate of C) and places it on the spatula of E who flips it to F, etc. You will either need more spatulas and plates for more players.


By Debbie Shake

By Kendyll

Party Game Ideas For a Teen

My birthday is Oct 25th, right around Halloween, so I had practically the whole school over in my basement playing cool music and everyone was in their costumes. We went around the neighborhood acting stupid and grabbing candy. The whole idea is that if your birthday is anywhere around a holiday you could intertwine the days (even if its another friend's birthday! double parties are always so great).(07/31/2007)

By Maddy

Party Game Ideas For a Teen

You could do makeovers in the dark! It's really fun!
:) (08/13/2007)

By Hana

Party Game Ideas For a Teen

I went to this thing and we played this really cool game that would be good for parties with lots of people. You would need it to be dark. Divide into 2 teams; one team has glow in the dark bracelets and the other necklaces. 2 hockey nets are set up on at each end of the room. The game starts with one of the really fat glow in the dark sticks. The object is to throw them around to your team members and try to get it in the hockey net. Each net may have a goalie. It is totally fun even if u don't keep score. Remember you get the best effect and more fun if it is totally pitch black. (11/06/2007)

By Tor

Party Game Ideas For a Teen

Many times I've played a game called the "drink mixing game" it's great and always a lot of fun for all ages. Here's what to do. You have two dice and each number on the die represents a different drink. We usually have milk, lemon juice, Pepsi, buttermilk, vinegar, and tomato juice. Each person rolls both dice and sees which number they get, and each liquid has its own number. Whichever numbers are tossed is the two drinks you mix together. We usually use a shot glass and it's usually a lot of fun to see what some people have to drink.

Sometimes it's really easy like Pepsi and lemon juice because it doesn't taste that bad, but then you get to stuff like buttermilk and vinegar, thats just disgusting. After the game goes on you can add more dice in and make an even better mixture. It's really funny to see some of the facial expressions when people are drinking really gross things. It's a great game and I've always enjoyed it. (11/23/2007)

By Jordie

Party Game Ideas For a kids

Get everyone around a table with a bowl of popcorn. Have everyone line up 10 kernels in a row in front of them. Have everyone put their hands behind their back. Have a race to see who can eat all ten kernels fastest. You have to show a 'clean' tongue first to win. (03/19/2008)

By Dan O

Party Game Ideas For a Teen

I always needed games to play at my birthdays and this was so much fun. First you have everyone decorate a balloon one of those really huge balloons. It has to be big then put out all sorts of little prizes on a table have everyone line up around that table and tell them to stuff prizes through the hole of the balloon after everyone has fit as much as they can have them tie the balloon and put in a box for safe keeping.

Then go play another game but have one of you family members hide all the balloons around your house and when the people go to get their balloon it will be gone. Then have everyone draw a card write down an a piece of paper the number order in which people will look for balloons. For example write on the paper numbers 3,6,8,5,2,1,9,7 then call out the the first number on your list that person will go and look for a balloon. Whatever balloon they find they have to keep. Repeat this process until everyone gets a balloon. This game sounds like people would get mad, but they don't. It's just fun trying to stuff stuff into their balloon and then look for it (04/04/2008)

By Desperat Flee

Party Game Ideas For a Teen

You can have a dance party and hire a DJ if you have the money. A cool game is limbo. One of my favorites though is a game where you boil 50 eggs and leave 2 unboiled eggs. Everyone has to take an egg and bang it on their heads. If you get the unboiled egg you are left with egg splattered on your head! Really fun game! (06/11/2008)

By Angelo


Instead of pin the tail on the donkey you could play kiss the lips. Find a poster of someone famous that she likes and get some bright lipstick tell everyone to coat their lips in it and blindfolded they have to see who can kiss the poster on the lips.

Also you could get a bowl and write a load of dares and silly things to do out and spin the bottle, whoever it lands on has to take a dare out.

It's also good if you've got a video camera to film the party and make a DVD of it that you can give the birthday girl/boy.

Or make a home-movie these are always fun, get everyone to dress up or whatever and film away!

For food you can buy pizza bases from just about every supermarket. Set out bowls of toppings like mushrooms, peppers, ham, tuna, sweet corn, etc. and get everyone to make their own pizzas that way they will be sure to like it.

Sleeping bag races are fun too, split up into teams in a relay or just do it individually.

Make-up in the dark is hilarious. Give everyone some make up and rotate round in turns to do each others make up in the dark. I guarantee when you switch the lights back on you will be laughing!

Baking is good for all ages, biscuits cakes, etc. as long as you are prepared to tidy up afterward.

Hope these idea's helped.

:) (07/06/2008)

By Laura

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